Saturday, July 23, 2005

CNN falls in line

Until very recently there was a long-running saturday afternoon program called The Capital Gang. I used to occasionally watch this predictable waste of time but now, thank goodness, I won't ever have to see it again. It was like an earlier version of crossfire where the two Republicans would inevitably take that side, the two Liberals would take the other side, and an rather unpredictable Margaret Carlson would say something-or-other. At least now we will no longer have to suffer Robert Novak, an obvious Republican operative, or Kate O'Beirne, the most mindless voice of Republican schlock ever.

This program has been replaced by something called "On the Story" and features some big name CNN reporters such as Amanpour and others. On today's version of this new program they discussed the London bombings and spent a very long time discussing how exciting it was leading up to Bush's nomination of John Roberts. They were especially impressed with how the White House managed to keep the "secret" right up until the last minute. It obviously could not have been a big secret to everyone as the very next day appeared a slick commericial touting Roberts (I assume they do not usually produce slick commercials overnight). In any case, this long discussion of how reporters work and how right up until the last minute their "sources" just didn't know who it would be, and so on, managed to co-opt much of the time. They discussed some other topic that was so newsworthy I can't even remember it.

The one thing of significance about this farce was that they did not discuss the question of Rove, treason, and the obvious conspiracy to lead us into a totally unnecessary "war." The name Rove did appear once but in the context of suggesting that it was somehow diverting attention from the real story - the nomination of Roberts. I guess CNN just doesn't think treason and lying to Congress and the American people is important enough to warrant a story. So...Bush's strategy of moving up his appointment of Roberts by a week to distract from the Rove problem certainly resonated with CNN. The only real difference between CNN and Fox is that CNN is usually somewhat more subtle in their support for this criminal administration. I wonder what Ted Turner thinks about all this.

The British police shot to death a Brazilian national who had nothing whatsoever to do with the bombings. They have as yet given no explanation for this. They did express their regret. No doubt that will make the family very happy.

As I predicted, Roberts is going to be confirmed with no problems. Democrats, just like Republicans, are fawning over this apparently sinless Eagle Scout type (I have no idea if he is actually an Eagle Scout or even a Boy Scout). His wife apparently belongs to some feminist organization that is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape. It is utterly amazing how these people believe they should be able to control other persons' bodies. Anti-abortionists and Missionaries of all kinds have to be the most arrogant creatures ever conceived.

If the DLC speaks, cover your ears and turn away immediately.

I am still waiting for someone to tell me one thing that George W. Bush has ever done that could be described as honorable.

Sleep well, knowing you are in such good hands. Remember, everything is just hunky-dory and going well. CNN also had a "Progress Report" on Iraq. Depends on the meaning of what "is," is, I guess. And don't forget, when it comes to the bottom line, it's all Bill Clinton's fault. Rumsfeld certainly had nothing to do with it. Nor did Bolton, Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney, or anyone else in the current administration.

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