Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hello. Anybody home?

If you watched Democracy Now today you will know that there is an American law or ordinance or whatever it is that makes clear that very high level individuals in the U.S. Government can be tried for war crimes whether or not they claimed to abandon the Geneva Convention. You will recall that Gonzales was concerned about this when he recommended to Bush that if we (Bush/Cheney, et al, that is) abandoned the Geneva Convention there would be less of a chance of their being held responsible for war crimes. Apparently Ashcroft had the same concern. What this means to me is that they must have been fully aware that they were about to do something that was forbidden by law (and then did it anyway). As they did not abandon the Convention with respect to Iraq (as they did for Gitmo) they could also be held accountable there as well. This is to say there is no doubt whatsoever they are presumably guilty of war crimes and could and should be held accountable. But will they be? Highly unlikely. But after they leave office they probably shouldn't travel overseas. I can't speak for you, but I am not at all pleased to know that my country is now being run by a bunch of known war criminals.

I don't really know why but for some reason I looked up on Google, Pickled Pigs' feet recipes. I think I did it to torment a friend who is horrified of even the idea of pickled pigs' feet (she exists, as far as I know, only on beef from Scottish Highlands cattle). When it came up on google it said something like "one in ten, there are 67,600 entries for pickled pigs' feet." Not being very conversant with the internet or google I was frightened by the thought there could actually be that many recipes for pickled pigs' feet. After contemplating this for a few minutes, and reeling about the room in shock, I finally asked my wife and son if this could possibly be true. They assured me it did not mean there were 67,600 actual recipes available, merely that there could be that many mentions of either pickled, pigs, or feet, etc. Being much relieved I think I may be able to sleep.

I don't think people are paying much attention to what is happening. If they were they would want to know if we plan to ever leave Iraq. They would want to know what, if anything, would happen about health insurance. They would probably want to know what was happening with energy except giving huge gifts to the oil and gas industry. They would proably be more concerend about the environment. If they were like me, however, they would still want to know how it is that a known male homosexual prostitute with no press credentials or experience was given Press passes to the White House for a year or so, and more interesting than that, why was he given passes to the White House on more than 30 occasions when there was no Press Conference scheduled? Sorry to be so single-minded about this but I really would like to know (I already know about the lies about Iraq, Social Security, Iran, and stuff like that).

We are only allowed to write one letter to the editor of our local paper once a month. I have to wait until the 12th of July. I intend to write a letter about Gannon/Guckert. Will they publish it? Will anyone give any kind of answer? Is anyone else interested? Am I unnecessarily obsessed with this? I don't care. I really want to know!


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