Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's about to hit the fan

Finally, at long last, something may actually happen. Conyers is starting his investigation of the Downing Street memo, et al. The Bolton nomination may resurface with an excellent possibility that he might not get confirmed. Impeachment questions are actually getting some long overdue attention. The autopsy on Schiavo confirms that she was not only brain dead but blind as well. So much for Frist's claim she was flirting with him. The Bush/Cheney/Blair/Rumsfeld/Rice/etc. lies are finally catching up with them. Things are so bad even the MSM might have to actually look into something other than Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton. Of course the Republicans think things are going so well they want to rescind the amendment making it impossible for a President to have more than two terms. THEY APPARENTLY ACTUALLY WANT TO HAVE A PERMANENT BUSH PRESIDENCY! Why not, things are going so well. If this is not evidence of obvious and serious insanity I do not know what more one might need.

Apparently five more Senators signed on to apologize for not passing anti-lynching legislation in the past. That leaves only a mere 15 who must think lynching was okay, including, as far as I can determine, our own Mike Crapo. Now, seriously, even if you secretly believe lynching Black people was fine and dandy wouldn't you have enough sense to support the anti-lynching resolution anyway? You know, you could always do it with your fingers crossed or something. And you notice the Senate did not approve a voice vote that would have exposed everyone's vote. Ah, cowardice, your name is Senator so-and-so.

The White House continues to refuse to turn over information that the Senate is legally entitled to have. It is obvious that whatever is there is serious enough to sink Bolton and embarrass the administration. But if they don't turn it over they will look really bad. So what is their solution? Insist the Democrats don't need the information anyway and are just trying to stall the proceedings. Pathetic. But with the help of their propaganda arm, the MSM, maybe they'll get away with it once again. However, I must say that for the first time in a long time I sense at least a glimmer of hope. Especially now that Dick the Slimy has assured us the resistance in Iraq is in its last throes. I wonder if he told the senior military people about it? I can't wait for tomorrow and the day after. Whee!

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