Saturday, June 04, 2005

Me and "Butch"

Not long ago I signed something-or-other calling for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney. This was a message that was sent to our Congressman "Butch" Otter (who aspires to be the next governor of Idaho). I received a reply the other day that unfortunately I can no longer find (as I immediately threw it in the trash where it belonged). This reply was not addressed to Dr. Lew Langness. Nor to Mr. Lew Langness, nor even to Mr. Langness. It was addressed to "Lew." Thus I understand that I now have a level of intimacy with "Butch" that I certainly did not intend. I am not a stickler for such things but in this case I thought it was just a bit too patronizing. I don't recall exactly what the letter said but I do recall that the name George W. Bush was on the same page with the word "honorable." I believe it said that "Butch" didn't think George should be impeached because he had acted honorably. Now I would like to ask my new friend "Butch" to give me one example, just one, when George W. Bush has acted honorably. Was he acting honorably when as a child he blew up live frogs just for fun? How about as Governor of Texas when he executed more people than any other governor in history? All of these with only the most cursory consideration of the actual case histories? How about when he mocked a women pleading for him to spare her life? What about the abortion that he arranged for one of his early sexual adventures? How about when he failed to report the sale of stock in a timely fashion which should have got him in trouble but, of course, didn't? Oh, yeah, there was the bit about dodging Vietnam and then going AWOL even from that responsibility. This says nothing of his absolutely failed business enterprises that he had to be bailed out of by Daddy's friends. How honorably did he handle all that? Then there is the minor matter of having lied to Congress and the American people to start a so-called "war" against a small and helpless country that was no threat to the United States or anyone else? How honorable is that, "Butch?" Not only did he start such a "war" he has managed to kill and maim thousands of people including U.S. troops - in a "war" that was/is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, and totally unnecessary. On top of that he obviously condoned torture, the hiding of prisoners from the Red Cross, shipping other prisoners to other countries where they could be tortured, holding prisoners for years without charge and without adequate opportunities to clear themselves - all war crimes. Of course this says nothing of repeated violations of election laws, the constitution, ths separation of church and state, and on and on and on. So, "Butch," I'm waiting for you to give me one example of honorable behavior on the part of George W. Bush, other than perhaps his slavishly following the dictates of the real president, Dick the Slimy. Oh, and "Butch," you won't get my vote for governor. Not even for dogcatcher.

New and even more damaging revelations about John Bolton, Cheney's hit man. I'm sticking by my prediction that Bolton won't be confirmed.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Sure hope you're right that Bolton won't be confirmed. As for putting Bush and honorable in the same sentence...ugh! What I'm waiting for now is to hear what John Kerry has to say in the Senate tomorrow regarding the Downing St Memo. And then I want to hear and read in the major media that Bush should be impeached.