Monday, June 06, 2005

Is anybody home day

Things have deteriorated to such an extent in the United States I believe we should seriously consider a "is anybody home day?" That is, a time for every voting age person in the United States to seriously consider or reconsider what it is they believe and what it is they have done or will do. This should be a day for those who did vote and those who did not vote. On this day I suggest that everyone of voting age should stand in front of a mirror, point a finger at their head, and say to themselves, "is anybody home?" I sadly fear that if they did this it would become apparent that for many, if not most Americans, there has been nobody home.

I believe this to be probably true because for the last four and one half years the American electorate has put up with the most outrageous lies, the most outrageous secrecy, the most outrageous attacks on the constitution, and, indeed, the most outrageous attacks on their intelligence.

It is by now entirely clear, beyond any doubt, that the Bush/Cheney administration blatantly lied to bring about a totally unnecessary, immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional "war." The legal basis for impeachment now exists beyond a doubt. But nothing happens. Nothing happens because (1) the Republicans control the House of Representative where impeachment proceedings would have to begin, and (2) if such proceedings were to actually occur it would become obvious that Democrats as well as Republicans share some responsibility for the disastrous situation in Iraq.

If the United States ever had any moral ground to stand on (dubious) it has clearly disappeared. If we ever had any meaningful good will from others that goodwill has likewise disappeared. The enormity of the war crimes committed by the Bush/Cheney administration are such that it is unlikely the U.S. can ever recover from the disaster they have brought about. It is clear that neither Republicans or Democrats intend to do anything about these terrible and unforgiveable crimes, pretending that they didn't really happen, or they were necessary, or everything will turn out for the better given more time, or things are really not as bad as they seem. In fact, things are worse than they seem. We are engaged in criminal activities on a daily basis with seemingly no way out. To get out would involve having to admit that mistakes were made. But this administration is unable and/or unwilling to admit any mistakes at all. The current situation is unfortunately as close to hopeless as it is probably possible to imagine.

If there is any hope at all it lies in the hands of the American people. Forget anything positive coming from either political party. Go to the mirror. Put your finger to your head. Ask yourself, what are we to do to get out of this terrible situation? Ask yourself, do we really want to continue being led by this band of international criminals? Do you really believe anything they say anymore? Do they have any solution to the problem? Any exit strategy? Any intention of ever exiting Iraq? Is their greed so obsessional they will just go on murdering and stealing forever? What can stop them? The answer is only the American public. We have to rise up and demand a stop to this insanity. Now! Not two years from now. Not ten years from now. Not some hypothetical moment when we have trained enough Iraqis to take over (a time that quite likely will never come as long as we continue occupying their country).

I was once put in a minor position of authority for the first time. I remember asking the man who put me there, "what can I do?" He replied, "you can do anything you want until someone tells you to stop." It is past time for the American people to tell them in no uncertain terms to stop.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

We're working on getting Bush impeached the best we can. John Conyers is demanding Bush explain himself re. the Downing St Minutes. Sen Kennedy spoke on same today, and I phoned John Kerry's office. He was out of town yesterday, but will indeed speak on Downing St Minutes this month his office said. Just have to keep raising hell until our so far pitiful media pays attention. CNN has decided to go back to real news and much less opinion shows. Have to just keep going....