Sunday, June 12, 2005


Am I overly obsessional, single-minded, irrational, out-of-line, unpatriotic, or otherwise delusional because I want to know about the Gannon/Guckert (apparently non-scandal) scandal?

How is it that a gay prostitute with no press credentials or experience was given repeated passes to the White House Press Conference over a period of more than a year? And how is it that he was also given passes to enter the White House on more than thirty occasions when there wasn't even a Press Conference? Like, where was he? What was he doing? Who was he seeing? Who arranged for these occasions? And why?

Why did this potential scandal totally disappear from the MSM? Imagine what would have happened if this had occurred while Clinton was President. If you can't imagine it you are too stupid to exist. If it had occurred on Clinton's watch we would still be hearing about it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on every major news program there is. If you don't think so you are in abject denial (which seems to pretty much characterize all Bush/Cheney supporters).

For this story to be so totally closed down, so totally ignored by the media, means that someone very powerful indeed is behind it. I don't believe the Press Secretary would have enough clout to bury this so completely even though I suspect he was involved in it somehow. Gannon/Guckert was an obvious shill for the administration, placed there on purpose to lob soft questions at precisely those moments when more difficult questions were threatened. He did this repeatedly for the Press Secretary and also for the President himself.

I believe only one person could have conceived of this scheme and had enough power to actually bring it about - Karl Rove. This is precisely the kind of thing Rove might easily have thought up and put into play. It is classic Rovianism. But what might the connection have been between Karl Rove and Gannon/Guckert? Does anyone know? It is pretty obvious that the major media don't want to know and won't even try to know.

I don't know. But I want to know. Indeed, I demand to know (ha ha ha), as if I have any power to demand anything of these high level criminals. But why are the Democrats letting them off the hook on this? Why are they not absolutely demanding an investigation? The Republican strategy on this and many other scandals is simply to ignore them until they fade away - and Democrats just let them get away with it time after time.

For me, at the moment, I would at least temporarily give up worrying about drilling in the arctic, the deficit, social security, the failed war in Iraq, war profiteering, torture, medicare, the Plame affair, even 9/11, etc., etc., etc., if I could only learn the truth about WHY A KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL PROSTITUTE WAS GIVEN ACCESS TO THE WHITE HOUSE REPEATEDLY AND WHAT IN THE HELL HE WAS DOING THERE!!!

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Now that is a very good set of questions. Gucket/Gannon has dropped out of sight like a hot rock. Bet we don't hear another word until after this admin is out of power. And you're dead right about it being page one forever if it were during Clinton's presidency. No question about that. BushCo is so scandal ridden and the scandals come so many, so fast that the former are just buried by the latter.