Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wiltin' Hilton

Still in Seattle, Sirens on and off all day long. Honking and noise all night long. Traffic, noise, congestion, way too many people. How do people live like this? But they do have an incredible variety of foodstuffs. When it comes to food it is paradise compared to Bonners Ferry. I believe the quality of our food in Bonners is much superior to what they have here, but in comparison we certainly suffer from a lack of variety. I just stand in QFC and drool, but then I tear myself away and try to think of other things, like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, you know, important stuff like that. I am reassured that things are going just swimmingly in Iraq and Afghanistan so I no longer worry about them.

Poor Paris, in jail, out of jail, maybe back in jail, nothing but millions of dollars worth of publicity, but what's a poor girl to do? A lot of people seem to be outraged over her early release from the pokey. So far I have not seen any very detailed or satisfactory explanation as to why she was released early, other than hints about some medical condition. I heard somewhere she couldn't (wouldn't?) eat the food. Also, of course, that her psychiatrist had visited her. How come stuff like that doesn't work for anyone else? The judge that sentenced her, I gather, is furious. Why should he be upset just because some sheriff decided to pay no attention? I must say it is an interesting case, as you can tell from the nonstop, all out, endless coverage of it. So at the moment Paris is confined to home and wearing an electronic bracelet on her ankle. What next in this all important drama? Actually, I don't think she should have been jailed in the first place. I think her parents should have been.

I wish I could have been that fly on the wall when Bush/Putin met for an hour. There had been a headline in our local paper that said something like, "Bush to calm and lecture Putin." I can just imagine how Putin would submit to a lecture from the world's best known moron. When they emerged from the meeting Putin didn't look very happy to me. But it was suggested by the MSM that Russia and the U.S. were going to cooperate on missile defense. This was surely an optimistic spin on things as Putin made a suggestion about where to locate the radar but it certainly had not been agreed to (and almost certainly won't be). Bush made a point to telling us that he calls Putin Vladimir. Whatever happened to Pootie Poot? I guess it doesn't matter to our Congresspersons and Senators that the rest of the world is just ignoring Bush, laughing at him, and looking to the future. They seem to stick with him in spite of their increasing criticism. Far be it from them to actually do anything about him.

Of course I didn't watch the Republican "debate," but what I've seen and heard about it since leads me to believe it was even more awful than I would have imagined. All of the candidates seem to believe that the invasion of Iraq was a necessary and right thing to do. Knowing that, why would anyone listen any further, except maybe to listen to them talking about the use of nuclear weapons to take out Iranian centrifuges. See, they're not only stupid, they're crazy. What would you expect, they're Republicans. McCain even went so far to insist that we are engaged in a war of good over evil. With a mind set like that you can see how if McCain were to become president he would make an even bigger mess than Bush/Cheney (if, that is, it might be possible).


Julian Langness, four years old, on being told, "the early bird gets the worm."
"Who gets the early bird?"

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