Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The vacuum at the top

Is it at all surprising that Cheney has managed to take over the Presidency and run things as he wants? Nature (and Cheney) abhor a vacuum, and we have certainly had a vacuum at the top ever since Bush was elected. Bush has a vacuum where he ought to have a brain. Everyone who knew anything knew this from the beginning. It was no secret that Bush had failed at everything he had ever attempted. It was common knowledge that as Governor of Texas he had a second in command that ran everything (leaving him free to sign death warrants one after another with help from Gonzales). It was no secret that he was going to be surrounded by "adults" that would free him from any heavy lifting. In short, it was known that he was a genuine lightweight. So what happened? Cheney just took over and Bush was either too dimwitted or too uninterested to pay attention, or both. The sad thing about this is that Cheney turned out to be evil personified. If he had acquired power and used it for the good of the country think of what he might have accomplished. But he never thought of the good of the country, or the well-being of the public, or even of honesty and morality. All he cared about (and still cares about) is enriching his corporate friends at the expense of ordinary taxpayers. This phony "war" with Iraq, which we refer to as Bush's "war," is far more importantly Cheney's "war." And you can bet that the torture and war profiteering is far more Cheney's business than anyone else's. Now he has proclaimed himself above the law and Ted Kennedy wants us to tell him he shouldn't do that. Democrats want to "chide" him. What is wrong with these Democrats. Cheney should be impeached or forced to resign, if not arrested. So what's with telling him he shouldn't be a bad boy. What a bunch of gutless wonders. If Democrats had acted responsibly and taken some real action against this war criminal they would easily have won the White House and the Congress in 2008. Now there is a possibility that might not happen. As usual, Democrats have managed to lose on a sure thing. Unbelievable. If they do lose they will have brought it on themselves (again).


"Hatred comes from the heart; contempt from the head; and neither feeling is quite within our control."
Arthur Schopenhauer

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