Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why wait?

The Middle East is in chaos. Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine, to say nothing of developments in Afghanistan and Egypt. Is anyone surprised? Perhaps this is what Bush/Cheney intended in the first place. It's certainly been good for the price of gasoline and for the corporations that have grown obese with war profiteering.

And is anyone surprised that the "surge" turns out to be merely an excuse for increasing troop levels for an anticipated long-term occupation? Talk about bait and switch! Of course our useless Congress just stands around doing nothing while Bush/Cheney continue to transfer public money into private coffers and kill more and more of our troops for their own private motives. Does anyone seriously believe that things are going to miraculously turn around in September? There is a way to stop this insane "war" and incomprehensible "strategy" (if it can even be called a strategy). It's called impeachment. If no one really believes things will change much in September, my question is simply, why wait?

The peculiar citizens of the state of Idaho voted to send a complete idiot, Bill Sali, to Congress for no reason I can understand other than that he is a Republican and Republicans prefer having an idiot there than a sensible, intelligent democrat. They spent a great deal of money on Sali, almost all of it from out of state interests. Now some reporter in Boise is trying to blame Larry Grant for the loss. Grant, a first time candidate, and a democrat in Idaho, came within 5% of winning. That strikes me as pretty good. I guess Grant could have given in to more demands from businesses and other special interests but to his everlasting credit he did not do so. Take a look at Sali's voting record. He has voted against virtually everything and always is part of a very small minority vote. In other words, his vote is essentially worthless. With Larry Craig and Crapo we really don't need another worthless vote for the state of Idaho. Can't we just have, at least once, a Representative we can have some pride in?


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