Monday, June 04, 2007

Another fake attack

The latest "terrorist plot" to blow up JFK turns out to be pretty much like many of the others, all talk and no action. In this case, as in several others, the so-called terrorists had no weapons, few resources, didn't know any other terrorists, and so on. These seemingly well-timed alleged attacks follow pretty much the same pattern. Find one or more disgruntled people, preferably Muslims, provide them with an FBI agent or informant to egg them on, sometimes buy them boots or other things they need, lead them on until an announcement can be made to the MSM, and thus bring about more fear on the part of the public. After the initial hype these cases seem to mysteriously vanish from the news and are rarely heard of again except in the context of Bush's boasting about having saved us from terrorists x number of times. In this latest case, what they were proposing to do would not even have been possible. This process is called entrapment. The FBI seems to be fairly adept at it. Couple this procedure with the former yellow, orange, and other warnings and it is pretty obvious they have been putting us on all this time.

I guess the Republicans will be "debating" again soon. I never watch them as I have to watch my blood pressure. In their case I couldn't take them seriously anyway. What a bunch of losers (except for Ron Paul - but even he believes in all out capitalism). Mitt Romney, the hunter, is simply pathetic and willing to say anything, no matter how idiotic, to get the nomination. Giuliani is an absolute phony who has never done anything of note other than causing a great deal of ill health among the first responders (he did of course "clean up" New York by a combination of racism and authoritarian rule for which he is widely hated by many New Yorkers). John McCain is becoming a pathetic old man right in front of our eyes, trying desperately to enlist supporters by the most blatant kinds of butt-kissing and flip-flopping. The rest are mostly just nonentities as near as I can tell. And their great White Hope turns out to be married to a woman four years younger than his daughter, a fact that will probably doom his candidacy before it even gets off the ground (not that it matters to me, I enjoy being married to a younger woman).

I still think Hillary will end up with the nomination and she will almost certainly beat any of these basically worthless Republican candidates. I hope I am wrong about Hillary getting the nomination but it looks to me like the mostly likely scenario (unless, of course, Al Gore gets into the race (at the moment he would probably win in a landslide). Unfortunately, he's far too intelligent to suit our Nascar loving, Hilton worshipping, TV ogling crowd, who will prefer another Bush type to have a beer with. Just remember, you usually end up with what you deserve.


"But the brilliance, the versatility of madness is akin to the resourcefulness of water seeping through, over and around a dike."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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