Sunday, September 07, 2008


Intruder rubs sleeping man with spices,
hits another in the face with sausage,
flees in underwear. Dog eats weapon.

I don’t know what is going on with the polls. According to the latest Gallup tracking poll McCain is leading Obama, and according to the latest Rasmussen poll they are even. I don’t believe it. On the one hand they claim this is a result of a normal bounce after the convention, but some of this polling was done prior to the convention. In any case, even with Palin’s support from the ultra-right base, I cannot believe 50% of American voters will vote for McCain/Palin. What terrifies me is the thought that I may be wrong (as I often am). McCain is such a terrible candidate, and the Bush/Cheney record that he represents is so dismal, and the facts seem to me to be so obvious, I just cannot understand how the polls could claim the two candidates are even. Especially as just a couple of days ago Obama exceeded 50% for the first time. It is generally conceded that the Gallup tracking poll is not very reliable so perhaps it is premature to worry too much about it. If McCain/Palin should win (heaven forbid!) by ridiculing and roviating their opponent rather than offering a constructive plan for the country we should all hang our heads in shame. I am not ordinarily a conspiracy buff but I confess that I suspect the polls are being rigged to keep the race close because otherwise it would be too difficult for the Brafia to steal another election. And remember, polls can basically show anything they want, depending upon the questions and the groups polled.

It’s Sunday again. Nice to know that nothing whatsoever is happening anywhere in the world except in our football stadiums. Whoever said “religion is the opiate of the people” wasn’t aware of American football.

Obama and the “Big Dog” are scheduled to have lunch on Thursday. How I wish to be a fly on the wall for that one.

The animal revolution continues. A couple of elementary schools are in danger of being taken over by prairie dogs. Wolves are reappearing in Germany, apparently following an influx of foxes and the aggressive and rapidly multiplying raccoons.

Favorite (short) poems:

The years have touched me.
I worry that I grow frail with age.
But I only need to see
Your flower like beauty
For all anxiety and heaviness
To leave me.

Fujiwara no Yoshifusa

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