Thursday, September 04, 2008

Convention and Hatefest

The Democratic Convention and the Republican (Brafia) Hatefest are now over. What a contrast! Obama spelled out in some detail what he has in mind for our country. The Brafia concentrated basically on one theme only – destroy Obama. For me, the audience for Palin’s speech struck me as not very different from a lynch mob. I don’t think they even paid much attention to what she was saying after her introductory remarks about her family. It was just all lies and hate and then more lies. McCain/Palin represent exactly four more years of the Bush/Cheney administration, built upon a fabric of lies and cover-ups and obfuscation and foot-dragging delays. They even admit they are just going to attack Obama as they have nothing else they can do, no record of accomplishment, just one disastrous failure after another. Obama is going to be roviated in such a way as to make what they did to Kerry look like child’s play. I guess they won’t be able to claim that he fathered a white baby after a secret tryst with Hillary Clinton when he was surfing in Hawaii and singing Tiny Bubbles on Waikiki. Too bad. But don’t worry, they’ll think of something even more ridiculous that their base will swallow just like kool-aid. Not only will they swallow it, they’ll regurgitate it back endlessly, word for word. Happily the minority attending the Hatefest cannot be taken as representative of America at large.

As I was in a meeting I was mercifully spared having to listen to Calamity John. I’m pretty sure I could tell you what he said, but I’d better wait and see if I am as prescient as I think. Jon Stewart has done such a great job at exposing the blatant hypocrisy of various Brafia members I’m surprised that anyone still supports them, but apparently they do (of course those are the very ones who would never watch The Daily Show in the first place). I read somewhere that Palin is not going to (be permitted) to give any interviews, only speeches. McCain himself has already stopped giving interviews and being so palsy-walsy with the Press. Does that not fill you with confidence in them? Are they just afraid that Palin is too dumb and McCain is too senile? What is the story behind this strange decision? Obama is said to have raised ten million dollars since Palin’s speech, the RNC only one million. I hope this means what I think it means. I still look for an Obama landslide unless white supremacy will prove too difficult for many to give up. An Obama Presidency will do more for rebuilding America’s image than any other thing that could possibly happen (short of, perhaps, abandoning the neocon dream of empire and minding our own business for a change). This will be true even if Obama’s Presidency turns out to be mediocre. We have to go with hope and change rather than hate and more of the same. Palin has had her fifteen minutes of fame, it will be all downhill for her from now on. McCain, like all old soldiers, will simply fade away.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.
Sir Winston Churchill

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