Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No, no, no!

“Humble Bob” consumes 11.5 lbs. of chili/
spaghetti in 10 minutes to defeat
Joey Chestnut in eating contest.

No, no, no, a thousand times no! I have had to stop watching TV coverage of the Brafia convention and other political news for fear of rising blood pressure and possible heart attack. I confess to becoming enraged at what I am hearing. If they want to argue that Palin was a brilliant choice I guess that is okay (I think it was an absolutely awful choice). If they want to argue that she might gather some female votes, especially Clinton supporter votes, I guess that is okay (I don’t believe she will). If they want to argue that her daugher’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy is somehow okay, and even a positive thing, I guess that, too, is okay (although more than a bit hypocritical). But it is when they seriously argue that she is prepared to step into the Presidency, should that be required, my blood pressure rises, my heart palpitates, and my anger boils over. Absurdity does not move me in any positive direction. Quite frankly, I believe my 22 year-old son would be more qualified, as he has at least spent considerable amounts of time traveling all over the United States and in Europe, and is a genuine political junkie with what I believe to be good judgment. I am serious about this. The Brafia, trying to compare Palin’s experience with that of Obama is itself absurd. Obama, first of all, is an expert on Constitutional Law, a handy thing to know if you are preparing for the Presidency. Second, he has had political experience, not only in the large and complicated state of Illinois, but also in the U. S. Senate. He has far more Foreign Policy experience (no matter how limited it might be) than Palin, who has none. Zero (except that Alaska is close to Russia!). Her experience in the PTA and as a small town mayor counts for what? She has been Governor of Alaska for only a relatively short time and is, in fact, still basically unproven (except for some scandals that are being investigated). In other words her experience, such as it is, has been in Podunk (Alaska has a smaller population than any state other than Wyoming and is much farther off in the “boondocks”). Her “executive experience” notwithstanding, she is not comparable to Obama, no matter what the desperate Brafia pundits want us to believe. She is not even remotely qualified to be President of the United States. The very idea is completely ridiculous. Hunting wolves from airplanes, hunting moose, eating mooseburgers, having five children, and even being a “maverick” (if, indeed, she really is one) do not qualify her for the Presidency. Nor does being a short time Governor of a remote state, and under investigation for abuse of power. All this proves to me is that the Brafia are so consumed with greed and clinging to power to serve their corporate masters, they are willing to sacrifice the Republic itself if need be. I don’t want to hear anymore bullshit about “Country First” coming from these reprehensible urban pirates. And if people in Montana and other western states vote for Palin because she’s a “woodsy outdoors type” they will get what they deserve. Indeed, the assumption that they will do this is insulting in and of itself.

I am not too far from my 80th birthday. I feel I am trapped in a foreign land from which there may be no escape. This is not the country of my youth when candidates for the Presidency, no matter which party they represented, had the best interest of the nation at heart. No more, Now the Brafia is all too willing to sacrifice the country itself in pursuit of their greed and lust for power. I never imagined it could come to this, not even in my most cynical moments. I hope these nightmare years of the early 21st century may come to an end soon. Our only hope lies with Obama.

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.
George Bernard Shaw


Anonymous said...

I probably read the liberal blogs as much as you do and I haven't seen one piece about Sarah's Idaho days. Was she a good student at the University of Idaho? Was she active in student government? I'm an oldtimer like you and just as upset over the possibility that the American people will be as dumb as they were in 2004 and elect this Republican team.

Anonymous said...

How many jobs has your son held, and what was the longest period of time he held any one job? More qualified, whatever. If your son's travels and good judgement make him qualified, why can't Palin's judgement and experience make her qualified? I would guess her resume looks quite a bit better than M Jr's.

How hypocritical is Obama running on the "change" platform, with Joe Biden, who is the epitome of the current system, having been in the Senate since 1972?

NEITHER party represents any real change; it will be business as usual.