Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Young woman bites boyfriend, breaks
picture frame on his face, and attacks
with sword, because dishes not clean enough.

Are we, at last, perhaps seeing the end of our eight year descent into madness? Have McCain and the Brafia finally gone too far even for the American public? Could it be that the events of yesterday and today have finally shocked the media and voters into realizing just how crazy our situation has become? The American people have lived through eight years of the most terrible abuse on record, putting up with one idiotic, illegal, and unconstitutional act after another, too bamboozled by lies and stonewalling to do anything about it. There is little point in reviewing the horrors we have had to put up with, an illegal “war” against the wrong country, torture, profiteering, illegal spying, etc,. etc., etc. The latest outrages against sanity of course being the selection of the unstable John McCain as the Brafia candidate for the Presidency, and the selection of the totally unqualified Sarah Palin as VP. For a while Barack Obama had a sizeable lead over McCain but when he picked Palin they got a bounce and apparently have now caught up with Obama. This is evidence of the madness I am speaking about. But happily (I hope) the last couple of days may have finally exposed the McCain/Palin campaign as the the absurdity it is. When McCain said yesterday, in the face of a 500 plus drop in the Stock Market, the failures of Fannie Mae and her mortgage brother, Lehman, and other big financial institutions, along with any number of banks, that “the basics of our economy are strong,” he may have finally sealed his fate. When you couple this with Palin’s 10 point drop in favorability within just a couple of days it may be the honeymoon with her is over and the handwriting is on the wall. Even the MSM has been exposing Obama/Palin’s lies, along with the chief roviater himself. Obama has produced a six point plan to try to bring our country back to some semblance of normal. McCain has suggested a commission to study the problem. If the combination of McCain’s statement “the economy is basically sound,” along with his pathetic suggestion of a committee, and his thoughtless pick for VP, does not doom his candidacy then we are clearly all mad. McCain obviously has no idea what is going on or what to do about it. His campaign insists he is going to repair things by creating jobs. But of course his idea of creating jobs is to give more tax breaks to corporations and the filthy rich under the stupid and discredited idea that it will somehow trickle down to we peasants.

Bush has lost all credibility some time ago and Cheney is more and more being revealed for the evil monster he is, the Bush/Cheney economic plan (if you can call out and out plunder a plan) has failed in grand style, and even some conservatives have had to admit that Palin was a mistake and is not suitable for the Presidency. Bush/Cheney/McCain have been denying reality for too long and reality has an inevitable way of creeping up on you and destroying your best laid plans. Look for the McCain/Palin poll numbers to start coming down and Obama to look better and better as the election draws nearer. As voters slowly recover from the insanity that has been forced on them for the past eight years, and begin to finally understand the full catastrophe that has been wrought by Bush/Cheney I believe they will finally do the right thing (I am often wrong but I desperately hope I am right about this). I doubt that even racial prejudice can overcome the reality of our current situation. You don’t like a black man? Try a pathological, warmongering liar and his equally lying sidekick. If our country can be rescued from the nightmare years of the Bush/Cheney administration it has to start now. McCain, who is in part responsible for the problem is not about to solve it (unless you have some strange confidence in Phil Gramm).


a cherry red
convertible sports car
I notice
the bald spot

Anne Marie Mitchell

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