Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain's brain

TreBarbaric, with 78 foot tall trebuchet,
will defend 1,866 ft record on new
3000 foot gourd firing range.

Either John McCain’s brain has become unwired or he believes the American voting public is even beyond ordinary stupidity. He is trying to blame the horrendous financial meltdown on Barack Obama. Obama, McCain says, has done nothing during his time in the Senate to curb Wall Street and the financial markets. As Obama has been in office for only two years, whereas McCain has been in office for 26 years, this does seem a bit of a stretch. Not only has McCain been there all these years, he has actively promoted the destruction of the very rules, regulations, and laws that would have made the markets safer. He has been, in his own words, “a deregulator.” On the other hand, Obama has spoken out for regulation repeatedly. It is one thing to merely tell lies all the time as both he and Palin do, but even worse is making claims that are so far-fetched they are not even in the realm of possibility. McCain’s financial advisor, Phil Gramm, is one of the most guilty when it comes to all this deregulation and privatization. And while McCain goes on raving about the lobbyists being the problem, most, if not all, of his senior advisors were or are lobbyists, and they are said to be something like 83 lobbyists involved in his campaign. I suppose one might vote out of pity to give McCain his one last wish, the Presidency, as he was a war hero, but he fouled even that up by selecting a VP candidate that is the poster child for the Peter Principle.

And speaking of Sarah Palin, the darling of the “base,” it turns out she is every bit as loony as all the rest. The minister who she claims helped her to become Governor boasts of having exposed and driven away a witch (in Kenya). The church she attends engages in speaking in tongues and the “laying on of hands.” His laying on of hands and praying for her, according to her, is what helped her become Governor. Wheee! As she seems to be every bit as Machiavelian as Cheney, she will no doubt go far in a McCain/Palin administration, which she has already in a slip of the tongue described as a Palin/McCain administration. You can pretty much bet that McCain will never have a moment of peace should she become his VP (in the unlikely and horribly frightening possibility that he should actually win). I have believed from the very beginning that George W. Bush is marginally retarded. I don’t think McCain is, I think he is showing obvious signs of senility. Thus I find the McCain/Palin ticket (or vice versa) to be absolutely terrifying. Neither one of them is qualified to be President.

At one time it is estimated there might have been as many as five billion Passenger Pigeons. Five billion! Within the space of less than 100 years they were extinct. There were so many, people used to kill them by the thousands and feed them to their pigs. In the Kootenai River, burbot (ling cod) were so prevalent they were caught by the wheelbarrow load and fed to the pigs. They are about to be extinct (if not extinct). On Wall Street there used to be billions of dollars, they, too, were fed to the pigs. But not to worry, the taxpayers will furnish more dollars. It’s all part of Intelligent Design.

This is no time for tears. Let us get rid of Bush/Cheney and their Brafia forever. Vote Democratic.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying:
And this fair flower that blooms to-day,
Tomorrow may be dying.

Robert Herrick

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