Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary the Destroyer?

I only rarely watch Hardball as I think Chris Matthews is the worst host of such a program I have ever seen. Matthews, to me, is what I would describe best as a "ninny." I never ever watch Tucker Carlson who is such a despicable apparently mindless partisan that it makes me sick. So what I say here comes from an article by Marie Cocco on Truthdig (I think it was also on Buzzflash). According to her Matthews apparently said at one time that men who support Hillary are "castratos in the eunuch chorus." Tucker Carlson said something to the effect that when he sees Hillary he involuntarily crosses his legs as he feels she is "castrating, overbearing and scary." I have to say that whatever I think about Hillary, or have ever thought about her, I have never perceived her as a "castrating female" type. I asked two of my male friends an open-ended question as to what they thought of Hillary and the "castrating female" image did not come up (neither of them are fans of Hillary's). I have concluded on the basis of this non-random, totally inadequate sample, that Matthews and Carlson are apparently more fearful of their tenuous grasp of their masculinity than reality, and their comments tell you much more about themselves than about Hillary.

Bush is in the Middle East trying to drum up support for sanctions and/or attacks against Iran. He claims that Tehran "threatens nations everywhere," and the "security of the world." Come on, now, how is it that they threaten nations everywhere? Do they threaten South Africa or Belize? How about Venezuela and Brazil? Maybe Lichtenstein and Monaco? Costa Rica? Norway? This is obviously more Bush nonsense. He is trying to stir up support for action against Iran at the very moment that Iran's neighbors are opening up discussions with Iran over whatever differences they have. He is apparently too stupid to realize this or to have any grasp of reality in the Middle East (as usual). He claims Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorists in the world, apparently because they support Hamas and others who are trying to defend themselves from Israeli and U.S. aggression. And they are "meddling" in Iraq, right on their border, and thus interfering with U.S. meddling there from 8000 miles away. Bush is apparently once again following instructions from Dick the Slimy and the Israelis who have been doing everything they can to bring about a totally illegal and unnecesary military attack on that country. It is Bush and Cheney and their neocon gang that are the greatest threat to the security of the world and blah, blah, blah. Iran has not attacked anyone for more than 200 years and they have legitimate interests in the Middle East that far exceed our dubious plans for that part of the world (which is really none of our business).

Ho-hum. Another death resulting from a Taser. There have now been 160 Taser related deaths since 2001. Either law enforcement people don't know how to use them properly or they are deliberately harming people unnecessarily. Let's do away with them once and for all. If our law enforcement people can't handle little old ladies and others without Tasers they must lack the proper training.

"A man said to the universe,
'Sir, I exist!'
'However, replied the universe,
'The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.'"
Stephen Crane

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