Monday, December 03, 2007

Really, Hillary!

Hitting below the diaper pins. I don't know if Hillary herself has had anything to do with this nonsense of Obama wanting to be President since he was a child. Apparently he wrote an essay when he was (in the third grade?), in which he reportedly said he wanted to be President. I can't see why this would matter to anyone but the Clinton campaign is using it to prove that he has always wanted to be President in spite of his claim he only aspired to that office after he was in the Senate. I guess this must be in response to claims that Hillary and Bill conspired to both become Presidents way back when, or to repeated criticisms of Hillary that she has been "too ambitious." All of this is the utmost nonsense. I mention it only because I cannot believe the Clintons would stoop so low as to even try to use Obama's juvenile essay in this way (if, indeed, they actually had anything to do with it). I have never understood how anyone could be criticized in the United States for being "too ambitious." Citizens of the U.S. are supposed to be ambitious. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Hillary wanted to be President when she was two. But so what? How many American children dream of being President? And would you want a President who was not ambitious? This is the stuff American politics has been made of in recent years. Never mind the phony "war," the torture, the falling dollar, the deteriorating infrastructure, immigration, or whatever. Chris Mathews told us seriously a few days ago that what this election is all about is personality. You know, like when Bush was elected because people thought he would be a nice person to have a beer with. Alas, it is true, this is what our elections have become.

It looks to me like Giuliani's campaign is about to collapse over his multiple scandals and dishonesty. Romney's campaign is probably going to wreck on the shoals of his Mormonism. If he goes through with his threat to give a speech on his faith I think it will only add to his problems with "not really being a Christian," or "belonging to a cult." Just think of the fallout of this if it happens. Huckabee will be the leading candidate. Huckabee, a Jesus Freak who thinks God is directing his poll numbers and doesn't believe in evolution. He seriously expects to get elected on the basis of his "Christian leadership?" While some in Iowa might go for this nonsense I sincerely hope the rest of the country will not (and I don't believe they will).

Iran is now said to have given up its muclear bomb program in 2003. This is according to our best intelligence sources. Did Bush/Cheney not know about this before? And if they did why have they gone on and on about the dangers of Iran's nuclear ambitions? And if they didn't know about it, where were they? In any case this disclosure is in direct contradiction to everything Bush/Cheney and the MSM have been feeding us for all these months while they prepare to bomb Iran. I guess Bush will be making a speech about this tomorrow. I won't hear it as I will be on the way to Seattle. But I bet it will be a doozy. He'll probably blame Bill Clinton, the usual suspect.

Putin's party won the Russian election in a virtual landslide. Putin is the most popular Russian leader ever and has brought Russia back into the rank of genuine world powers. Naturally our MSM are claiming all sorts of lies about Putin and the election. Compare Putin and his record with Bush's, if you dare.

Chavez is another great success story. He gets probably more U.S. badmouthing than anyone. You either give in to the desires of Bush/Cheney or you are a terrible leader. Chavez received a bit of a setback in Venezuela's recent election. Did he whine about it and exercise dictatorial powers? The answer is no. And by the way, the election was not about making him President for life, it was about changing the rules so that IF he were elected again he could again be President. We should have such a system (of course we'd have to have honest elections first).

Here at Sandhill in recent days we've had over two feet of snow. Now it is raining. No doubt it will freeze overnight. Life is just a bowl of cherries.

"Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
Thomas Paine

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