Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's a guy gotta do?

What on earth does someone have to do nowadays to be held accountable? This latest account of Gonzales and Card visiting the ailing Ashcroft in the hospital to coerce him into signing something illegal, apparently with the help of Bush himself, has to be the absolute last straw. Gonzales is already guilty of violating the constitution repeatedly, lying to Congress, mocking the Geneva convention, politizing the Justice Department, and who knows what all else and so far has escaped any accountability at all. If this latest "adventure" in corruption and illegality doesn't result in firing, impeachment, or even jail time, I don't know what might. Of course Bush and Cheney should have been impeached long ago, along with their neocon war criminals, but somehow no one seems to care enough to actually do something.

I am beginning to believe that the attempt to establish a dictatorship in the U.S. is not simply a Republican plot to take over. There clearly has been an attempt to establish such an all powerful administration answerable to no one but themselves, run by huge international corporations, putting virtually all financial power into the hands of a few and reducing the mass of humanity into little more than serfs and peasants (as in the good old days of long ago when we had Kings and such). But this attempt involves Democrats as well as Republicans. Democratic leaders will take their place in the hierarchy along with Republicans, and will share in this new and all powerful organization. How else can you explain the unwillingness of Democrats to do anything to stop the massive corruption, multiple scandals, obvious war crimes and repeated blatant violations of our constitution? They have to be in on it and, of course, they get their funds from the same corporate teats as the Republicans. This is not just a Republican thing, it is an unprecedented collusion between Republicans and Democrats to change the very nature of our system of government. Anyone who doesn't play along just gets ignored and pushed out of the system (think Kucinich, Byrd, Wellstone, and even some of our Generals who refused to just go along).

I confess I thought Ashcroft was an absolutely terrible Attorney General. I was so pleased when he was replaced even though I was skeptical of Gonzales. But little did I know just how corrupt Gonzales was and how bad things could really become. I must say I have new respect for Ashcroft for refusing to sign an illegal document even when pressured when he had so little strength.

It appears that Iraq is on the verge of complete collapse. Bush is now reduced to having to go "hat in hand" to Iran for help. The Iranians know we are weak and would much rather deal with a weak President that what could be a much stronger one down the line. In other words, the Iranians are going to win and Bush/Cheney are going to lose. The Iranians, far more clever than Bush/Cheney could ever be, will allow us to withdraw with at least some saving of face, but they will get what they want and we, with our trillion dollar investment and wasted troops will get nothing, not even the coveted oil deal. The worst foreign policy blunder in American history is grinding to an end, a disaster of such monumental proportions as to boggle one's mind. Will Bush/Cheney and the neocons walk away unscathed? If they do the United States will be held in utter contempt by the rest of the world, probably forever. The "war" certainly has been more than good for the military/industrial/political complex that spawned it. Wall Street has loved it.

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