Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Viva Edwards!

I must say that John Edwards jumped a few hundred points in my estimation today when I saw him with Wolf Blitzer and he said "Bush has to be stopped." This is a belief I share wholeheartedly. Edwards insists the Democrats not back down and keep sending him bills with a deadlines for withdrawal until he will have to stop this dreadful "war." Virtually every sentient being on the planet (except for Bush's moronic base) want this killing and destruction ended. A majority of Americans want it ended, Iraqis want it ended, many of our Generals want it ended, troops want it ended, Democrats want it ended. Who doesn't want it ended? Republicans. If there was any doubt about who wants to continue the war and who doesn't it was made plain when the Republicans (with apparently only two exceptions) refused to vote with the Democrats. How Republicans can continue to support this dismal failure of a President along with this illegal and immoral "war" is something I fear I will never understand. I think it tells me something about human behavior I'm not sure I want to know. Indeed, I'm no long certain that these Republican supporters are fully human as they seem to lack both reason and empathy. They obviously have no regard for human life and nothing but contempt for their fellow citizens. Perhaps it is just case of "follow the money."

Bush assured us the other day that if Condi encountered her Iranian counterpart she would not be rude. She has now assured us that she will be polite. What did they expect, that she would punch him in the mouth? The utter nonsense that emanates from the mouths of Republicans never ceases to amaze (this is more true of our dimwitted President who apparently sets an example for the rest).

At least two Congresspersons have joined Kucinich in his attempt to impeach Dick the Slimy. I pray to the Great Mystery there will be more, many more. If ever there would be a "slam dunk" it would be impeaching this warmongering war profiteer who has proven to be a serial and pathological liar. I cannot think of one single thing Cheney has been right about. I have come to the conclusion that he has some kind of strange condition such that he is actually unable to tell the truth. He can't shoot straight either.

It seems the Gonzales problem has gone from being simply a politcal one to a possible criminal one. Apparently Ms. Goodling was hiring people based upon their political loyalties which is against the law. As this is how the Bush/Cheney administration hired people to work in Iraq why would they not have done it in this case as well. It also looks more and more that this particular scandal is leading directly to the White House. There ought to be a law that states whenever the number of scandals is higher than the age of the President multiplied by 213 he ought to be relieved of his position.

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