Tuesday, May 01, 2007


According to our local conservative rag, The Spokesman Review, terrorist attacks increased by 91% in the past year or so. It also reported that this April was the worst month for our troops (over 100 dead) in the last four years. On the positive side it was reported that secular Iraqi deaths have declined (because they conveniently stopped considering car bombings). We are supposed to believe that progress is being made? The "surge" is working? That somehow we are going to (miraculously) "win?" Now Bush has vetoed the bill Congress sent him as it suggests a deadline for withdrawing our troops (while at the same time giving him more money than he asked for). Why is he doing this? Because, as I have said repeatedly, Bush/Cheney have no intention of ever withdrawing from Iraq. This is why there was no post war planning. Congress should send him another bill with the same insistence on withdrawing. If he vetoes that, they should send him another just the same. Don't bet they will. It appears the whole thing is little more than a charade. Bush will please his base (of utter nitwits) while the Democrats will pretend for while to make some points with the anti-war crowd, and then they will all agree on some kind of cockamami plan to insist on unenforceable goals that will just be ignored. All of this going on at the same time people everywhere are spelling out impeach with their nude bodies, candles, and what have you. Will Pelosi be able to keep impeachment off the table? I hope not.

When Bush was asked what Condi Rice would do if she encountered her Iranian counterpart he said she would not be rude. I did not make this up. I actually heard it on tv. Later he said Wolfowitz had brought to the World Bank the idea that it should deal with poverty. I'm not kidding. He actually said these things.

Don't be misled (as I was for a time) into thinking Gonzales is simply an empty headed moron who can't remember anything and doesn't know what's going on. He's falling on his sword for Bush. He has to act like a complete nitwit because if he did anything else he would have to give away the truth about this totally corrupt administration. This is why Bush can say he has even more confidence in Gonzales, he is doing what he has to do. It can't be pleasant pretending to be a complete fool but when the stakes are high enough it has to be done.

I doubt there is any truth to the rumor that the Bush's have bought a huge ranch in Paraguay. But the way things are going at the moment, if they didn't, perhaps they should.

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