Sunday, May 06, 2007

Idaho's Bill Sali

Bill Sali, refreshing change or poison pen. You decide. Thanks to Red State Rebels who are monitoring Sali I can report the following votes:

He opposed aid to victims of torture. This bill passed 418 to 7.
He opposed easier access to business loans. This bill passed 380 to 45.
He opposed funding for scientific research 397 - 20.
He opposed restrictions on maritime pollution 359-48.
He opposed restrictions on dogfighting and cockfighting 368 - 39.
He opposed protection for whistleblowers 331 -94.
He opposed funds for the National Science Foundation 399 - 17.
He opposed head start programs 365 - 48.
He opposed technological innovation 385 - 23.
He opposed control of noxious weeds 390 - 10.
He also voted against the Hate Crimes Prevention Act (the only vote where he voted with all other Republicans. And, like them, he supports the "war" in Iraq.

Now you have to admit this is a far cry (a refreshing change?) from the rubber stamp votes of Craig and Crapo. A far cry indeed. Indeed, it is so far out one might say it borders on some form of insanity. Is this really what Idahoans voted for when they put this loony tunes in Congress? Perhaps this might have been expected from someone who insists that abortions cause breast cancer (in spite of all the evidence to the contrary). Maybe he is really an alien from outer space sent here to humiliate the citizens of the state of Idaho. He certainly was placed here by out of state interests - the infamous anti government Club for Growth that pumped around a million dollars into his campaign. We had an outstanding Democratic candidate who came close to being elected. But this is Idaho - Democrats are regarded as out of the mainstream (unlike Sali). Way to go Idaho! We don't want no sensible, responsible, informed, intelligent Democrats when we can have a really outstanding guy like Bill (the Martian) Sali. Put one hand on the telly vision and one hand on the afflicted part (your brain) and perhaps you will one day see the light. Oh, I forgot, this is Idaho, a state apparently so red it is sizzling away to oblivion. Bill Sali is leading the way. Keep up the good work, Bill!

I am comforted to know that we have experienced military people like Rudy Giuliani, with his vast foreign policy knowledge, planning for our military (we need ten more combat brigades) and keeping us safe from 9/11 (where were you Rudy in the months and years before 9/11? I also have lots of confidence in Romney, who managed to hunt his whole life without a license, and never flip flops on the issues. I'll put our Super Eight against their Dismal Ten anytime, but only if they promise to play by the rules for once (sometimes even I expect miracles).

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Bubblehead said...

Bill Sali is an idiot.