Friday, May 25, 2007

Is he kidding?

Bush has reportedly said if they ask us to leave we'll leave. This has to be just another example of his mindless babbling. First of all, the Iraqis have made it pretty clear they want us to leave. So what is Bush waiting for? I guess he's waiting for someone who speaks for the Iraqi nation to formally ask us to leave. But who is there that speaks with that kind of authority for the Iraqis? Certainly not any of the puppets we have installed who pretend to be the leaders of a sovereign nation. Bush insists that Iraq is a sovereign nation. It is so sovereign that we are trying to force them to sign an oil bill giving away most of their oil to the huge oil companies (one of the benchmarks they must reach). This is passed off as a bill allocating oil revenues among the three major groups: Sunni, Shia, and Kurds. But that is really only a very minor part of the bill. The bulk of the bill, written in Washington D.C., calls upon Iraq to privatize its oil and award the lion's share to the big oil corporations. I submit Bush/Cheney are not going to leave without the oil deal whether we are asked to leave or not. Bush apparently wants us to believe he will just give up his city-sized "embassy" and the rest of the permanent bases we are creating because the Iraqis might ask us to leave. Does anyone believe this madman any longer?

Apparently a majority of Senate members believe him. They just gave him billions to continue use illegal and immoral "war." Democrats want us to believe this is just the first step in some strategy to eventually force him to stop the "war." September is now being touted as the crucial time. If we aren't making "progress" by September then we''s not clear what we'll... It is clear, however, who will define progress (guess). There is absolutely no reason to believe that by September we will have managed to do the impossible - subdue Bagdad and Iraq. Now that the Iraqis know that September is the crucial time do you think they are going to stop killing us as fast as they can? If anything they will step up their efforts. Indeed, Bush already knows this as he has predicted that August will be a particularly bloody month. So what in the hell is the point of going on with this madness. How many more of our troops will be sacrificed between now and September because this madman and his henchmen are unable to admit defeat? And the democrats went along with prolonging this agony. Do they really expect some miracle to occur by September, like we'll all wake up and realize this has all been nothing by a truly bad dream? What do they expect is going to happen other than what is already predictable. This is nothing but blood for oil, blood for oil, blood for oil. If only those stubborn Iraqis would sign over their oil rights we could withdraw some of our troops (and leave enough behind to protect our interests). After all, what are permanent bases for? And a 104 acre embassy with 27 buildings? Sure Bushie, we'll leave when asked. When pigs fly or you tell the truth for once in your life (I bet pigs will fly first).

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