Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time is running out

David: Your song, "It's lonely in the saddle now that my horse has died," is certainly a contender. As for your other comment, I think it may have to come to that soon here in the U.S. even though until recently such a thing would have been absolutely unthinkable. Of course what is going on at the moment would also have been unthinkable. I continue to hope but we'll soon know.

Local politics:

Clement Leroy “Butch” Otter, Republican candidate for Governor, made his fortune working for Simplot (his then father-in-law). He was Lieutenant Governor of Idaho from 1987 to 2001. He did nothing for the citizens of Idaho. He did manage a DUI and two fines for violating Idaho water laws. He also won a tight jeans contest. He is said to be a “drinker” and “womanizer.” From 2001 until now he has served in Congress. He claims to have been “bored,” and accomplished nothing. He finally married a girlfriend (as living in sin might be inappropriate as governor). This history of political inactivity does not entitle him to the governorship. Vote Jerry Brady, an accomplished Idaho publisher, well-qualified, and honest, who will actually do something for our citizens and state.

Bill Sali. With 16 controversial years in the Idaho legislature is running against Demoocrat Larry Grant for Congress. He is virulently anti-abortion, even in cases of incest or rape, and uniquely, as far as I know, believes that abortions cause breast cancer. He is determined to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment, equally determined to make English the official language, anti-immigrant, mindlessly pro-Israel, and a true champion of extreme Republican values. He is described by his own Republican colleagues as belligerent, uncooperative, and idiotic. There is not doubt he will be just another rubber stamp for Bush/Cheney. Larry Grant is a retired VP of Micron, a lawyer, intelligent, thoughtful, independent and fair. He will make a Congressman we can be proud of, and unlike Sali, does not get his money from extremists outside of state. Vote Larry Grant with pride!

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