Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Russians are here, the Russians are here!!

Can you believe that in a three or four mile stretch in the Spokane Valley there are now three Russian market/delicatessens and a Ukrainian restaurant? Obviously we should have built a wall all along the Eastern Seabord to keep these people out. This seems to be a little known problem, unlike the Mexican invasion from the south. Of course there is also a problem from the north - all that Canadian pot that seems to be so popular these days. Then there are all the problems with Asians being smuggled in from the west and north. I think the obvious solution is a wall. We should build a wall all along the Canadian/US border, down the Eastern Seabord, across our Southern border and then back up along the West Coast all the way to Canada. That ought to do the trick. But, you say, they might still tunnel under the wall? I've thought of that. We should make sure to dig down at least twenty or thirty feet all around and install steel nets to make sure they cannot simply tunnel under our wall. That ought to do it. I'm sure we could get Congress to approve such a barrier and our President to approve it. Then all we'd have to do is get China and Japan to loan us enough money to bring it all about. It probably wouldn't cost more than several thousands of billions, we could employ some cheap South American and Asian labor to do it (Americans couldn't be expected to do such cheap labor), and when completed we could just execute them all so they wouldn't be able to reveal exactly where it was and so on. Simple, no? And about as realistic as the recent bill to build a 700 mile wall along our Mexican border with no provision for funding it and no intention of ever doing such a thing after the coming elections. American politics has now become the eighth wonder of the world, maybe the ninth or tenth, I've lost count.

A week to go and many miles before we sleep. With the polls and all indications of a Democrat victory in the House and perhaps the Senate will the Republicans actually try to steal another election? Take Ohio, for example. Blackwell has been trailing the polls by double digits for weeks. Is he really going to try to claim victory after whatever dirty tricks he has prepared? Will anyone believe he could have won? If he claims to have won will anyone accept this outcome? This same scenario may be reenacted in other states as well. Are we going to stand for it again? What could we do if Republicans actually claim victory in spite of the overwhelming indications they cannot possibly win?

Don't miss the Cheney appearance in Coeur d'Alene on thursday. I understand they are still trying to give tickets away (probably only to certified nutcases). It is a great opportunity. How often might you have your picture taken next to the most evil person on earth, the minister of torture and death? I assure you, your grandchildren will be thrilled. I bet for another thousand or two you can probably get his signature on your copy of Mein Kampf. Sorry to be so negative. My optimism has been buried under a landslide of filthy lies and secrecy for so long it just rebels.

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