Monday, October 30, 2006

Grant yes, Sali no!

I received in the mail today a 12 page campaign propaganda piece extolling the (presumed) virtues of Bill Sali. Why this was sent to me I have no idea. But I do appreciate it as it verifies all the reasons I have for not wanting Sali as a member of Congress. This paper (or whatever you want to call it} is obviously meant to target an ultra-conservative audience. And all of the negative things he says about Larry Grant are precisely the things that make me wish to vote for him. Sali wants to make permanent Bush's absurd tax cuts for the filthy rich, Grant does not. Hooray for Grant! Sali boasts he would never vote to increase taxes (presumably he doesn't care how far in debt the state or country might go). Sali opposes breaching the dams. The dams will almost certainly have to be breached unless we are willing to give up the salmon. Sali opposes the inheritance tax (which, of course, he calls the death tax). I am totally opposed to repealing the inheritance tax. Sali believes securing our borders is a matter of national security and says Grant wants to grant amnesty for illegal aliens (granting amnesty to some illegals has nothing to do with national security and of course Grant is not opposed to national security). Sali says people coming to this country will have more success speaking English (does anyone doubt this? But why do we need a law making English the "official language" when it already is?). Sali believes we need more conservatives in Congress. I believe we need far fewer. Anyway, this blurb goes on and on promoting nothing but ultra-right wing beliefs, none of which I approve. It only proves what I have been saying all along - Bill Sali is an extreme right-winger who will simply rubber stamp anything Bush/Cheney desire. And he joins the Republicans in claiming that if Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House the sky will fall in, the earth will tremble and fall apart, there will no longer be a chicken in every pot, homosexuals will rule our land (as Republican gays do now), the terrorists will launch their tremendous armada of ships and planes and attack us poor helpless souls here at home, we will all have stinky feet and stop loving Jesus, and McDonald's will force us to eat tofu burgers. Just remember, a vote for Sali is a vote for Cheney (and if that is not frightening beyond belief I don't know what would be).

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