Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn, patriotism, and the Great Mystery

How appropriate,
when the Great Mystery calls,
to leave in autumn.

This is my favorite time of year. I'm sure this is true for many people. As this is a period of time somehow associated with sadness and decay and death, it is not clear to me why it should be so favored. I love it. The trees are shedding their colored leaves, even the larch are turning into their glorious orange and starting to drop their needles, the geese honk endlessly on their way south, bears are beginning to think of denning, the air is crisp and cold and wonderfully refreshing, the harvest is over, the barns are full of fragrant hay, freezers and cellars are full of all the good things of life, the firewood is cut and stacked and ready to protect us from the worst of the cold, the elk are moving down from the high mountains into the protected valleys, horse chestnuts are falling from the trees to the delight of children planning their outrageous costumes, turkey and dressing and even Christmas are not far away. Life is good.

At least it would be if not for those who insist on making it miserable for others. I don't think it is too wonderful for Iraqis or Palestinians or Lebanese or those in Afghanistan who are benefitting from American efforts to "better their lives" by bringing democracy to them at the point of a gun (while at the same time trying to steal their resources). They don't seem to appreciate our efforts on their behalf. Ungrateful, that's what they are. But once we illegally attack Iran we will no doubt prevail in our attempt to control all of the Middle East (except for the thousands or years we will face popular resistance and ultimate defeat, just as we face in Iraq at the moment). Sorry, American empire is a lost cause, but is that any reason not to go on having our best troops killed and maimed for "staying the course?" War criminals. Fascist bastards. That is what we have become. Hope you are happy with it.

As far as patriotism goes, where do you see any evidence whatsoever that anyone of our Congresspersons or Senators is interested in our nation? It has now become all politics. Everything is geared toward either retaining or gaining power. No one cares about the Pages, for example, they only care how they can use the situation to their advantage. Bush/Cheney don't care about our nation, they only care about staying in power. If they had any interest in our national well-being they would have resigned a long time ago, along with our totally incompetent Secretaries of Defense and State. Indeed, any interest in the well-being of our country has long since disappeared into the miasma of political corruption that now characterizes our so-called democracy. Personally, I believe all incumbents, bar none, should be voted out of office. If there are some who have tried to stem the tide of greed and fascism they have been unsuccessful and should be replaced by new troops with more energy. Our system of government has become totally corrupted by lobbyists and corporate money. It has to be returned to the people. NOW!

I confess I do not understand the problem of evil. I don't know why it exists. I do know it currently exists in the guise of the Republican party, especially as represented by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice and others. I suggest you all pray to God, Big JuJu, Yawa, the Angel Moroni, the Great Spirit, or, like me, the Great Mystery, and hope for the best in the coming elections.

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Anonymous said...

dear lew,
this is also my favorite time of year and i even penned a poem to this season as a young idealistic young woman--the last line I believe was--"and I can't know people who don't glory in this death"--like I said very young.
At any rate there is evil in this world--walking talking evil.
That is why I believe we must keep God's word in our heart to keep it at bay. If we start to tolerate little things, someday they will be a big bear in the room and he'll say "but you knew I was a carnivore when you invited me in".
At any rate I'm sorry you are letting mere mortals turn your world upside down--when there is a world of relationship awaiting those who acknowledge the living God.
I have looked at this from time to time--I liked the stories the best.
Take care and rave on!!
He's not such a mystery