Friday, October 27, 2006


Let's see, an unnecessary, immoral, illegal, insane "war" that didn't have to happen, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed and maimed, almost 3000 of our finest troops killed and thousands wounded and crippled, and Rumsfeld tells us to "relax?" Under intense criticism from virtually all sides, including many of our senior generals, with more and more calls for him to resign, Rumsfeld tells us to just relax and "back off." Things are "complicated" and "difficult," and apparently no one but him understands the situation. Some, he says, are just up to "mischief," trying to use this for political purposes. Can't you just hear him say, "goodness gracious me, of course we are winning." It will just take time (it has now already been longer than it took us to win the Second World War). I'm afraid that "Rummy" just doesn't get it. He is widely regarded as incompetent, has made an incredible mess of Iraq, things are not getting any better, and he refuses to resign just as Bush refuses to fire him. So let's just continue with the unnecessary killing and maiming and civil war, and torture, and lies, and incompetence and stupidity until Bush can pass the disaster on to the next President. That's what I call a strategy.

If you haven't heard, Cheney is going to touch down in Coeur d' Alene to rally the Republicans. He is not going to be here to represent any particular candidate or raise funds for anyone in particular (could it be that no one wants to be seen with him?). Dick Cheney (aka Dick the Slimy) is arguabley one of the most loathed people on earth at the moment. Why he thinks his appearance is going to help is a mystery to me. But, as usual, this is to be an invitation only crowd (why do you think he does this?). But gosh, Dick Cheney right here in Coeur d' Alene! I bet if I were rich enough, and stupid enough, and wanted to cough up enough money, I could get my picture taken with him.

Ah, politics! In Virginia, where George "macaca" Allen, a resident racist Senator is not doing too well against his Democratic opponent, Webb, he has now taken passages out of Webb's previous realistic novels to argue that Webb is a sexist and all-around bad guy. What makes this even more absurd is that Democrats are now arguing that Republicans like Lynne Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and others have also written sexy novels. In other words they are arguing about who wrote the dirtiest books. I guess they exhausted their argument about how many times Bush and Lieberman said "stay the course." This is so much fun I hate to see it end on Novemnber 7th (yikes! it probably won't end then no matter what).

Pat Buchanan said the racist Tennessee ad put out by Republicans (and now withdrawn) is not racist because Harold Ford Jr. really does like Playboy bunnies (and, Pat adds, most of them are white). I don't care if Ford likes Playboy bunnies or not, nor do I care if they are mostly white, the ad was a thinly veiled racist message to the good ol' boys and girls in Tennessee that the "niggers" really do lust after white women. You would think by now this ridiculous stereotype might have run its course but I guess not for Republicans like Buchanan. Some people are just having trouble trying to enter the 20th century (that is not a misprint).

This computer, which I brought over on the Mayflower, is finally going to meet its maker tomorrow. I am not sad about it. But I will miss all the spam I receive every day, sometimes more than a hundred items. Just think, I am about to be 77 years old, and I will no longer be offered Black singles, college scholarships, free computers, a larger penis, discount drugs, payroll loans, over 50 singles, the car of my dreams, investment advice, cut-rate videos, girls gone wild, cheap vacations, lottery winnings, kitchen utensils, and all those other goodies that 77 year-olds obviously crave. Not only am I getting a new computer, I'm also, finally, going to get high-speed access (things move slowly here in rural Idaho). Hooray! Life is good (or it would be were it not for Republicans, mosquitoes, and stink bugs).

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