Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's working perfectly

Bush's (or probably Rove's) plan to bring up the gay marriage issue once again is working. Not because anyone cares about gay marriages, an issue that will never result in a constitutional amendment, but because the controversy about it will keep our minds off everything else. No one is discussing whether gays should marry or not, everyone knows it is a dead issue. But it still consumes air time because now everyone is discussing whether it is just a political ploy (of course it is), whether it is going to work or not (the "base' is so dumb it might), whether Bush really believes in it or not (which of course he doesn't), whether it should have been brought up again right now (why not, they don't dare talk about anything important), whether he's just playing to the ultra conservatives (really, what a stupid question), and so on and on and on. Does anyone in their right mind (is anyone in their right mind anymore) believe our corporate masters and their Bush/Cheney flunkies care anything whatsoever about gay marriage, abortion, flag burning? If so, perhaps you might get the American Psychiatric Association to come up with a new syndrome for which the pharmanceutical companies could create another new pill (they are pretty good at this). They have just created IED. I don't remember what this means other than apparently 5% of the population get mad as hell once in a while (only 5%?). Just chalk it up to stress. Stress explains everything, like why marines murder young children. In a "war" like this one it's hard to tell who the enemy is and who it is not (including apparently very young children).

But don't forget, our fearless Secretary of Defense told us "stuff happens." There seems to be no chance of getting rid of this incompetent old fool no matter what. Bush insists he's doing a "great job," and the rest of us just accept this as wisdom from on high.

I continue in my wishful thinking that Al Gore will be the next president and will appoint Bill Clinton as Secretary of State. Why? Because I think they are the only two American politicians who have enough international stature to even try to repair the unbelievable damage Bush/Cheney have done to us. Another Republican president, or even a warmongering Democratic president, just won't cut it. I'm not even sure it is even possible to repair the damage. Still some 30% of Americans seem to approve of these murderous bastards. Go figure.

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