Sunday, June 11, 2006


Watch 'n Wait: You know its treason, and I know its treason, and perhaps some others know it's treason. But no one in any position of power seems to be interested. If Fitzgerald is the only prosecutor, and if he has another full-time job, and if he also has a very limited staff, it is hard to see how anyone is taking this very seriously. Obviously I hope Fitzgerald comes through and exposes the whole criminal enterprise and the penalty for treason will be imposed. But I confess it does not look very promising.

Now they are saying 50,000 troops stationed in Iraq for(ever)? I have said from the very beginning the Bush/Cheney administration has (and has never had) an intention of withdrawing American troops from Iraq. The whole purpose of this illegal, immoral "war" was to gain control of oil and other resources in the Middle East (and also to protect Israel, of course) and that is what they continue to plan on doing. True, they might withdraw some troops (especially before Christmas), and they might deploy the remaining troops into their four or more permanent bases (so they can reduce American casualties and also keep an eye on the oil), and they will occupy their billion dollar embassy, but what they will not do is leave. They apparently have now maneuvered their puppet government into saying they want American troops to stay (of course). How is it that so many others don't see this? It is so obvious even children can understand it.

And speaking of children, how many were killed in Haditha? Now the excuses start coming. A Sergeant who was there claims they followed their legitimate procedures in such cases (they killed (shot?) two and three year-olds). In warfare of this type it is impossible to tell who your enemies are (they killed (shot?) two and three-year olds), the four or five young men they shot in the taxi might have been terrorists (they killed (shot?) two and three-year olds). Did the children show signs of having been shot or not? Perhaps it's true, they weren't actually shot - they were merely killed when the Marines threw a grenade into one room of the house (where they apparently knew people were hiding - apparently the usual procedure). If these little children were actually shot (as some have reported) there can't be much of an excuse. If they were accidentally killed as "collateral damage," that is not much of an excuse either. War crimes upon war crimes upon war crimes. And this Haditha "incident" pales into insignificance alongside Falluja. Can no one understand the enormity of the war crimes committed by this administration? Are Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice and the others not going to be held responsible for these unspeakable acts of stupid and unnecessary cruelty? Is there indeed no justice?

What has happened to our country? Granted we have not always been innocent before but whatever innocence we might have had has surely been savagely violated by now. It is no secret what has happened and who are responsible.

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M...Here's a post from the Left

Patrick Fitzgerald told Judge Reggie Walton today that he didn't expect the White House to raise executive privilege concerns over any sensitive documents requested by Scooter Libby's defense team, and that he and Scooter's attorneys anticipated finding a way to resolve any such problems before trial with Judge Walton. Fitzgerald also told the court that the White House knows who he plans to call as witnesses for the prosecution, and what he wants them to testify to, and there have been no problems to date.

For their part, Scooter's team said with a straight face that they haven't decided whether or not they will call a memory expert to testify about Scooter's bad memory, but that they'll tell the judge later this summer if they plan to do so. So we have some comic relief to look forward to.