Friday, June 02, 2006


Alan: Perhaps. Perhaps Abu Ghraib, Haditha, and others were merely hoaxes as well. In any case, could there possibly be a greater "hoax" than Bush/Cheney's illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and unnecessary "war," brought about through a series of absolutely blatant lies?

We are going to be in for an interesting political season. Now that the primaries are over we know that the Republican candidate for the House will be Bill Sali. Bill Sali, as far as I can determine so far, was widely regarded by many of his colleagues in the Idaho House (where he served several terms) as an idiot. Indeed, it is claimed that he was publicly referred to as "a frickin idiot." Virtually all of his support so far has come from outside the State and from the Club for Growth, an ultra right-wing organization. He looks like a real winner, someone we would be proud to have represent the Great State of Idaho.

The Republican candidate for Governor, a long-time Idaho politician, Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter, who served for a long time as Lieutenant Governor, and is currently an Idaho Congressman, is another real winner for the state. As far as I know, in his many years of politics in Idaho, he has never done one single thing to benefit the citizens of the state. I guess his greatest claim to fame is winning a tight jeans contest in a bar. As he claims to be a member of so many clubs and organizations as to be almost uncountable perhaps he won't have time to be Governor. One long time local resident observed that what we'll have in the State House is a pair of tight jeans and a hangover (perhaps this is unkind. I don't know). It does appear that Clement is a Good-ol-Boy's Good-ol-Boy.

I will return to this later as more information is forthcoming and the election speeds up.


Bubblehead said...

Keep Speaking Truth to Power! You're wise to reject the notion that the MacBeth interview is a hoax; just because some stormtroopers found MacBeth's DD214, which shows that he was not, in fact, ever in Iraq, but rather washed out of boot camp, shouldn't distract true progressives from what's really important: Chimpy McHalliburton's crimes make progressives, who are so much smarter than everyone else, unquestioningly accept any news that feeds into our own preconceptions that the American military is capable of any evil. Just because the story isn't necessarily "true" doesn't mean that it couldn't have happened, especially in our progressives minds, who know the American military thugs exist only to kill brown-skinned people. Morialefaka knows this, and isn't afraid to say it. That's why he's probably been arrested and sent to Gitmo by now; after all, everyone who speaks out against the administration is immediately arrested.
(Alan -- I admit I have a personal interest in the MacBeth case, since jackbooted milbloggers are claiming that I'm the one who broke the story. Since I'm progressive, that can't be true; I think Rove is hacking into people's computers from the NSA to only make it look like I made the initial post.)

Watch 'n Wait said...

M...Take a look at this guy's background:
Then go to his home page and read...
I've always said it would take a sex scandal to bring Bush down..but damn! Looks like Laura caught him and Condi. :)Do I have any sympathy for them? No way...