Thursday, June 15, 2006

"darn dangerous"

Well, Binkyboy, whether it is true or not is irrelevent. And kindly explain what "bubble" it is you profess to be "bursting."

Emperor George (he with no clothes) explains that in Guantanamo there are people who are "darn dangerous." Do you think this is an expression he picked up at Yale, or do you think it came with the pig farm? Out of the 400 plus inmates at Guantanamo, after all these years of incarceration, only ten have even been charged. Most of them are surely not "darn dangerous," and shouldn't be in Guantanamo in the first place. The fact seems to be, as with everything else this administration has done, is they don't have a clue what to do with them. So the obvious solution to not knowing what to do with 400 plus human beings (if, indeed, "enemy combatants" are human) is to hold them indefinitely (forever?) in prison. I guess this makes sense to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Gonzales and their remaining pathetic supporters.

On Democracy Now, Amy Goodman featured some troops who have refused to return to Iraq. There are apparently more of them all the time now. One enlisted woman, Suzanne Swift, refused to return because not only is she suffering from trauma but also because she was constantly sexually harrassed. Apparently she was not alone in this as she is getting emails from many others claiming the same thing. This is a case that I think will not easily go away, especially now as there are more and more clamoring for withdrawal (which, of course, Bush/Cheney have no intention whatsoever of doing). But, as we are losing big-time in both Iraq and Afghanistan it is only a question of time before we will have no choice but to be forced out, permanent bases and billion dollar embassy be damned. What the hell, it's been just one glorious adventure by our fake "war" president.

Bonners Ferry is worried about flooding in spite of the Libby Dam that was built to solve this problem. While the city itself has not yet flooded (and most of it probably won't flood) there has been extensive damage to the levees that protect rich farmlands from the Kootenai River resulting in pretty massive crop losses. Unfortunately these levees have not been maintained over the years since the Dam was built (as it was believed we shouldn't need them) and are now pretty easily breeched. They have not been maintained even though there was a similar problem in 1996-97. I suspect that the consensus of opinion here is that it must be all Bill Clinton's fault.

We have an absolutely marvelous candidate for Congress here in North Idaho. A man named Bill Sali. Sali spent many years in the Idaho legislature where he was widely regarded as an idiot. Whether he is an idiot or not I do not know. But I do know that he has political views that would have to be regarded as far to the right of Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan. He is especially big on the three issues the Republicans have decided are the most important: abortion, gay marriage, and flag burning. As he shares these views with Alan Keyes (remember him?) I suggest he ask Keyes to come to Idaho to campaign for him. Might I suggest that people vote for the Democratic candidate, Larry Grant, who is at least sane (and in fact a very respectable candidate who will make a great Congressman).

Our Democratic candidate for Governor, Jerry Brady, is also quite strong and running against a local good 'ol boy, Clement Otter, otherwise known as "Butch." Butch's main qualification for the post as near as I can tell is that he once won a tight jeans contest in a bar. Some are opposed to him on the grounds that he has "loose morals." As I believe he has a DUI and has been fined twice for violating state water rules, is believed to be quite a "ladies man," and as far as I can find out has done nothing whatsoever in his years in Idaho politics to help the citizen of Idaho, what do you think?

I say vote GRANT and BRADY! Idaho has had one party politics for far too long.


Binkyboy said...

huh? Why is this addressed to me?

Binkyboy said...

Ah, I see now. The bubble was that frog's won't actually boil, which makes the analogy somewhat false, unless only taken as a cultural sense (myth as truth).

Just trying to help clarify things :)