Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bush kissed Lieberman?

Am I just peculiar or what? After his state of the union address (I think that’s when it was) George Bush walked up to Joe Lieberman and kissed him (on the cheek, at least). I have not seen any comments to speak of about this rather extraordinary behavior (at least it seems very extraordinary to me). First of all Lieberman is supposed to be a Democrat. So why would Bush be kissing a Democrat? But more interesting to me is why would he be kissing anyone at all in such a context? Of course we all know by now that Lieberman is basically a Republican. But does that explain the kissing? Bush doesn’t go around kissing all Republicans, at least as far as I know. And he certainly doesn’t go around kissing Democrats (except Lieberman). I really don’t know what to make of this. Am I the only one who finds this both unusual and bizarre?

There is so much going on now it is impossible to know where to begin and there could not possibly be enough time or space to deal with it all. Let’s start with Canada. Condi is not going to visit that country soon because the Canadians, god bless them, are too intelligent to get dragged into the absurd star wars business. So now we are threatening Canadian airspace and bellowing about their giving up their sovereignty (by god, we’ll send our missiles over them if we feel like it). This is what passes these days for diplomacy.

Then there is the Russian problem. The problem is that Pootie Poo may be acting undemocratically and so needs to be lectured by our own Walking Eagle about democracy. Walking Eagle has done everything he can so far to destroy American democracy but this doesn’t keep him from advising others about what should be done. He has also instructed Syria as to what they must do, and is also still telling the Iranians what they must do. In fact, he is going around telling the whole world what they must do. Imperial Hubris is far too mild a description of this. Bush has not yet figured out that the world regards him as a dangerous laughingstock that has to be humored but basically ignored. It has become quite clear that the American Superpower is basically no more than a paper tiger when it comes to spreading democracy around the world. Sure, we can kill them all, but short of that we can’t do much of anything.

Gannongate is threatening to disappear along with the other 34 scandals of the Bush/Cheney Administration. The major media continues to pretend that this absolute scandal just doesn’t exist. While it lives on the internet, at least for the moment, it gets no coverage to speak of elsewhere. If the Democrats let this go the way of all the other scandals of this administration we are surely doomed. I’m not certain that most Americans have even heard of it. You can bet your life that had it occurred under the Clinton Administration everyone in the world would know about it. As far as I know even Clinton, now nesting with the elder Bush, has not commented about it. Clinton, now a multimillionaire, has apparently joined the Republican Party. If (god forbid) Hilary were actually to become President the Republican dynasty would continue and WalMart would prosper more than ever before.

I would pray to the Great Mystery for guidance except so far I haven’t been able to acquire a buffalo skull. I’m working on it.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Consider that Walking Eagle has a viscious mind. What better way to put Liebermann in bad odor with Dems than to kiss him? Hmmm? Best tactic I can think of to see Liebermann voted out of office. Think of the Godfather.

And then think of Rep Gibbons (R) of Nevada speaking at a Lincoln's Day dinner and after trashing "Liberals", goes after Hollywood Dems, ties them in with the Peace people who were so against the war they wanted to go be human shields for the Iraqis, and Gibbons suggested the Hollywood folks should indeed be sent over to Iraq now to be human shield for the insurgents. Nice guy, huh?

And Gannon is not forgotten. People are investigating. Good.