Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Gannon/Guckert - Gannon/Guckert - Gannon/Guckert - Gannon/Guckert - Gannon/Guckert

The scandal that so far refuses to go away. Now the Secret Service is lying about it while as far as I know the White House is still silent. In a letter to Conyers and Slaughter the Secret Service claims there was nothing unusual about Gannon/Guckert getting repeated day passes to the White House Press Corps. This is obvious balderdash, to put it mildly. Apparently the White House is up to its usual trick, just stonewall, stonewall, until the whole issue just dies down and disappears along with all the other scandals. It has certainly worked for them up until now so why not try it again? Democrats absolutely must not give up on this one. Keep the pressure on until they have to respond. This is potentially far worse than the Monica episode and it cannot just be allowed to disappear.

American hypocrisy (at least as represented by Bush/Cheney) knows no bounds. Now we are "demanding" that Syria withdraw immediately from Lebanon. Ignore for the moment the logistical impossibility of an immediate withdrawal, consider the question of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Why should not Israel have to immediately withdraw from their occupied lands? Israel has illegally occupied Palestinian land for far longer than Syria has been in Lebanon. The whole world is aware of the American double standard when it comes to Israel, which is precisely why there will never be peace in the Middle East. I recall being in favor of a so-called Jewish Homeland, thinking it would be a solution to what was up until then a perennial problem. It probably could have been, except for the Israeli insatiable demands for more land and more water and more control, all of this continuing into the present.
And with the support of the "Rapturists" who think the Palestinians should be completely shut out of their lands this vile travesty continues. I repeat: THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST UNTIL ISRAEL IS MADE TO LIVE UP TO THEIR OBLIGATIONS VIS-A-VIS THE PALESTINIANS. And given the total mess Bush/Cheney and their gang of international criminals have made of the Middle East it may be too late even for that.

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