Wednesday, March 09, 2005


There seems to be a great deal going on but nothing ever seems to really happen. The Canadians are in hot water with the U.S. Administration because they are too intelligent to want to get mixed up in a totally failed missile defense program. Condi Rice has postponed her trip to Canada because of her disappointment with their failure to jump on board this ridiculous waste of money and time. I guess it's not a waste of money if you are a defense contractor on the receiving end.

The Gannon/Guckert fiasco continues but only barely. The major media, both print and television just won't touch it, but it survives on the web. It is obvious that the Secret Service ducked the questions they were asked to answer. As far as I know the White House is still totally silent on this unbelievable scandal. Will it just eventually disappear like all the rest of their scandals?

The Italians are furious over the attack on their reporter. Their story of what happened is totaly contrary to the U.S. story. The U.S. says the car was speeding, the Italians say it was not. The U.S. says they warned it to stop, the Italians say there was no warning. Indeed, the Italians say the U.S. had been advised that the car was coming with the freed hostage. The only thing they seem to agree on is that it was an accident. As the U.S. (the Bush/Cheney Administration) has never told the truth about anything it is difficult not to believe the Italian version. This Administration has absoluely no credibility, a situation of their own making.

USA Next is being sued for 25 million dollars by the gay couple whose photo was used without permission. While they will never receive such compensation they do have a strong case, so let's hope they get enough to put these disgusting charlatans out of business for a long time. Hopefully forever.

Finally, the White House has now admitted they have no idea what Bush is talking about when it comes to Social Security reform. It seems he has suddenly began talking about an "add-on" to the program which is totally unlike what he has said before. If you examine what he apparently said it is obvious that he himself has no idea what the hell he's talking about. Does that surprise anyone? This whole Social Security business is really just designed to keep our minds off the dismal record of this Administration when it comes to Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, torture, war profiteering, and etc.

The Bush/Cheney spon on what is happening in he Middle East is so far from what is actually happening as to be unbelievable. Oh, yes, democracy is coming to the Middle East, just look at Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Libya, and others and you can just see it marching on.

Right wingers here do not know who Katherine Harris is. Never heard of her. Does that tell you anything?

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