Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Things happen

Bubblehead: Good point. Maybe Japan. I think it may depend upon what the alternative was.

Things do happen, however slowly. Let’s see, tomorrow the Senate is going to more or less do away with the 4th amendment. You know, the one that has to do with being safe from search, seizure, and stuff. Even Obama is going to vote for this shocking attack on the Constitution. He’s wrong, just as the rest of our Senators are. They are supposed to protect the welfare of our citizens, not just capitulate once again to the Bush/Cheney criminal conspiracy. Spineless bunch, if ever there was such a bunch.

Those ungrateful Iraqis! Now that we have murdered a bunch of them (no one knows how many, because they apparently don’t count as people), destroyed their country, driven a couple million out of their homeland, and are still trying to control their oil, they have the effrontery to say we should get out, or at least set a timetable for getting out. This is going to be interesting because both Bush and McCain have said in the past that if they asked us to leave, we’d leave. Want to bet on it? I wonder how this will turn out. Of course we could attack Iran, just to teach them all a lesson. They want us to leave, and the American people want us to leave. So…?

A 60 year old librarian was escorted away from a McCain speech because she had a sign that said McCain = Bush. Four policemen took her away from the event and assigned her a court date. You see, McCain has learned from Bush/Cheney, as this is precisely the fascist tactic they have been using for the past few years. I hope she sues because she’ll have a real winner. Can you believe this? She ws just standing there with her sign, nothing else. I vaguely remember something about free speech.

The Brafia keeps insisting that Obama has flip-flopped on Iraq, which he clearly has not. Apparently they are taking lessons from Goebels and believe that if you repeat a lie often enough people will come to believe it.

Congress is threatening to arrest Karl Rove because he is refusing their subpoena. I don’t believe they will arrest him but wouldn’t it be a fitting maneuver and a joy to behold. Rove in the slammer, where he belongs. I wish they would get Dick the Slimy as well. We say, the wheels of justice turn slowly, and they certainly do, far too slowly for me as I may not stick around long enough to see justice for this band of crooks and murderers, if, indeed, anyone in Washington D.C. would ever act honestly or courageously. I would hope that every country on earth would refuse to deal with us until there was some honest accountability for our obvious crimes against humanity.

I can’t decide whether this is an anti-semitic joke, or just another Jewish joke:

Sol and Abe were out walking. They passed a Catholic Church. There was a sign that said “$1000 if you convert.” Sol said, “I have to go in and check this out.” He did. Abe waited. Sol finally came out.

Abe said, “what happened?”

“I converted,” Sol replied.”

“So did you get the thousand dollars?”

Sol said, “Is that all you people think about?”

This is from a delightful little book called “Plato and the Platypus,” the authors of which I cannot recall.


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Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884 - 1980)

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