Monday, June 30, 2008

From the basically irrelevant to the fantastically absurd

Whoever said this was the “silly season” certainly had that right. It is difficult at the moment to see any difference between black comedy and a contest for President of the United States. American politics has reached the point of almost zero significance. What have you heard lately from the candidates about the real issues confronting our nation: the “war” in Iraq, the recession, health care, education, our decaying superstructure, the national debt, and so on? Not much, I’ll bet. Oh, I guess some of these occasionally get mentioned in passing but none of the candidates spends much time on them. Why is this? Because they spend most of their time on utter nonsense. The current flap is over General Clark’s remark that being a fighter pilot and getting shot down is not a reason to be elected President. Of course it’s not. No one ever said it was, as far as I know. But neither does it disqualify one from being President. In fact, it is basically irrelevant. This is not keeping the MSM from carrying on and on about it by the hour. Although you wouldn’t know it from the news, Clark went on to claim other faults in McCain’s credentials: he never commanded a true wartime unit, he never had to order bombing, etc. All true, I guess, but, again, irrelevant. In fact, the whole business of having been or not been in the military is basically irrelevant. If these are the criterion for being President, Obama doesn’t have them (Clark is supposedly supporting Obama). But, then, neither did a great many of our Presidents. Certainly George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did not have such experience.

Turning to the fantastically absurd, take the case of Barack Obama. Many seem to cling to the belief he is a Muslim. He is not. Now there are slurs that he is a tan (black) Kerry, which he is not. In Florida some are writing on cars that he smokes crack. He does not. Wanting to prove he is who he says he is, he produced his Hawaiian birth certificate. Some refuse to believe even that, in spite of the fact that Hawaii has verified it as true and valid. Some say he is from Africa. He is not. Some say he is a “Manchurian candidate.” He is not. At least one Congressman has recently claimed Obama is a Marxist. He is not. I gather that those who think he is an African also think he worships his monkey key chain. Can it really get any more absurd than that? This is what our current political season has become, just incessant babbling about completely nonsensical claims and counterclaims, having nothing to do with the serious business of electing an American President. Now Obama has scheduled a trip to Europe and the Middle East, after having been criticized for his lack of foreign experience. The critics are saying one trip does not make you an expert on policy. Obama can’t win when he is up against such absurd claims, no matter what he does it is not going to satisfy these critics. And what is worse, and even more ridiculous, is some are saying he should not allow demonstrations in Europe while he visits, because his popularity in Europe won’t go over well here in America because we are suspicious of Europeans (I don’t know who said this but some Brafia must have been the author). I suspect the whole world is hoping and praying for an Obama Presidency, and they will probably demonstrate if they wish. We are supposed to interpret this as a bad sign, given our current status in the world community? Where do these nitwits come from?

This sort of things is especially prevalent this year because the Brafia administration has absolutely no positive achievements to run on. None, nada, zilch. They have screwed things up so completely there is some doubt in my mind they will ever be restored to where they once were. We used to be the beacon on the hill that everyone looked up to, now we have become the village idiot that everyone wishes they could just ignore. If they are insane enough to attack Iran (to do the Israeli bidding) it will be the last maniacal act of the most dismal, murderous, criminal, deceitful, unconscionable, despicable, disgusting administration in American history (and don’t think they might not do it, at this point what do they have to lose?). After all, once you’ve committed multiple war crimes, and everyone knows it, why not add another? And by the way, your scurrilous roviating of Obama and his wife isn’t working too well, I suggest you go after the children, I bet at least one of them might have stuck her gum under her chair. Man, what the MSM could do with that!

“The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.”
H. L. Mencken

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BAJ said...

M...And all because states wanted to be first or even with New Hampshire & Iowa in the primaries...and now the damned election season has gone on forever. Reporters are going nuts for something...anything...that they can get their hands on, especially since they're unable to report serious things due to their corporate owners.