Friday, June 20, 2008

Why wait?

Sixth foot in one year turns up
on British Columbia shores, five
right, one left. Olosem wonem?

Why couldn’t we move the Presidential election up to, say, the first of August? Think of how much bullshit we would be spared. I doubt that anything much is going to happen between August and November to make much difference, so why not eliminate a lot of wasted hot air? I guess that wouldn’t work for the MSM. They are probably not capable of finding anything else to talk about that would sell as much advertising. I guess this quadrennial event serves for them very much as Christmas does for the rest of the marketplace. I guess it is obviously in their best interest to not only keep it going as long as possible but also to jazz it up as much as possible. So now we have Cindy McCain commenting on Michelle Obama. Wow! Now that is really exciting, as well as important for the outcome of the Presidency. I confess that Cindy McCain does not look real to me, I always think I must be looking at a waxworks figure of her. But she does speak and I guess she’s probably no better or worse than most people in her position. She has reportedly said that she doesn’t know why Michelle Obama said that (horrible) thing she said. You know, for the first time in her life she’s proud of her country, a statement that seems to now threaten the very candidacy of her husband. Quick to pounce on any absurd point they can, some have said that Cindy better watch her mouth lest the media investigate her (I think she once had some to-do about drugs). I guess it would be far too much for anyone to actually reflect upon why a young and beautiful black woman from less than ideal circumstances might not be too enchanted with American culture. I know of at least one such black woman who committed suicide rather than confront the daily insults and propositions and crude language, and discrimination, that was a routine part of her life. How terrible that until now it was unthinkable that a black man could possibly become President, how terrible that race and prejudice were commonplace in American life, how terrible that black women couldn’t just sing down by the levee about how happy and contented they were to be living in such a worker’s paradise. Empathy, along with just ordinary common sense, seems to be no longer a part of American life. It’s the Jeremiah Wright crap all over again, how dare anyone even suggest there could possibly be anything wrong with America? How dare they mention the truth about anything? Whatever happened to those happy “darkies” singing about loading their bales of hay or sittin’ down by the riberside? Anyway, I suggest we enlist the full forces of the FBI, CIA, and the International community to carefully investigate every moment of the lives of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama. Our security and well-being depends on it, to say nothing of the profits of the MSM. I bet if we could get the two women to mud wrestle it would really be big. Maybe a wet t-shirt contest? Just a thought.

Now that the trillion or so horses are out of the barn, never to return, the Justice Department is cracking down on the hundreds of thieves that were responsible for the great mortgage meltdown and closing the barn doors. These trials will no doubt occupy us for several years, the lawyers will all become filthy rich, maybe a few token sentences will be handed down, and the thieves will manage to hold on to most of their assets and live more or less happily ever after. It’s the American way.

I don’t know why it is, but nothing seems to work out right. For example, I truly wish I could have been a father before I was a son. I would have been such a better son. Indeed, I think there would be no comparison. Similarly, why do I become more cynical the longer I live. Wouldn’t you think that if there was such a thing as progress you would inevitably become less cynical as you aged, rather than more cynical? And why is it that in virtually any circumstances you can imagine, there is always one or two people who manage to make trouble and keep things from being just pleasant? I find this to have been true ever since I was a cub scout, there’s always one who makes the rest suffer from their egocentricity or megalomania, greed, or stupidity.

“I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”
George W. Bush

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BAJ said...

Have no fear, M. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading. And I want to know how that bacon turned out. :))