Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poor Dennis

Young woman gets 7th number
13 tattooed on upper thigh, says
it’s something to do on Friday l3th.

I have had to wait for two days to get on the internet. Our server is driving me crazy. If the snow ever finally melts on Black Mountain perhaps it will get fixed.

Poor Dennis Kucinich. He presented articles of impeachment against Cheney only to see them referred to committee and thereby buried. Now he has presented 35 articles of impeachment for Bush and they, too, have been referred to committee, probably to die. Kucinich vows to continue if nothing comes of it this time, because, he says, law and morality demand it. What he apparently doesn’t get is that the vast majority of his colleagues have no interest in either law or morality, or even in their constitutional duty. They are only interested in obtaining and retaining power. Power is where the money is. Perhaps he knows they are not interested in law and morality but just wants to shame them. He's wrong again, they have no shame.

And speaking of Kucinich, let me comment on the death of Tim Russert. I don’t mean to speak unkindly of the dead, but really, I hadn’t realized that Russert was a Saint. MSNBC has spent the last two full days trying to demonstrate his Sainthood. I’m sure Russert was probably a nice man who loved his family and the news and all. What I remember about him most recently, however, was his petty and malicious question to Kucinich about unidentified flying objects. Kucinich had apparently seen what he felt was an unidentified object at one time. Russert’s question, coming where it did in the context of a debate, could only have been asked on purpose for no reason other than to embarrass and ridicule Kucinich. I felt then, and still do, it was a truly cheap shot. Of course Kucinich has always been regarded as “fair game” by all of the MSM newspersons. He’s very short, doesn’t dress very well, is a vegetarian, is married to a third wife who is brilliant and beautiful and younger and taller than he is, he tells the truth, and worst of all, I guess, he believes in peace (and probably truth and beauty, as well). What a weirdo, we just can’t have anyone like him cluttering up our corrupt political system.

Congressman Wexler, Florida, the one enthusiastic supporter of Kucinich, is under fire from one of the Florida newspapers. They, too, I guess, have no interest or commitment to law and morality, along with so many others. Do you think Bush/Cheney could do ANYTHING so egregiously terrible as to be impeached? What could be worse than the needless deaths of more than 4000 of our troops, the maiming of thousands more, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, the displacement of millions, and misery beyond calculation? Maybe some kind of consensual sex act in their offices? What makes all this far worse is the fact that everyone knows they are guilty of war crimes, that doesn’t seem even to be in dispute. I guess hardly anyone cares. I think we may be witnessing the end of the so-called “American century.” Too bad, it did at one time actually have some promise.

The Idaho Democratic Convention just concluded in Boise. Delegates for the National Convention in Denver were picked and a platform was discussed. My son, Julian, was running to be an Obama delegate to the Denver Convention and might well have been selected – except he was chosen to be one of the only two Pages from Idaho to the convention, quite an achievement. Now he has to start raising funds for this trip (more on this later). I am very proud of him. I swear he could charm the birds down from the trees if he wished to do so.

Some people do seem to me to be unusually blessed. Tiger Woods has to be one of them. What he did yesterday and today on the golf course was so incredible it makes me wonder about divine intervention. I used to play golf, played for years, never got any better, finally decided the old ladies could beat me and quit. I have been much happier since. Of course I have hundreds of dollars worth of useless golf clubs and golfing paraphernalia. What does one do with useless golf clubs? If someone could come up with an idea for this they could probably make a fortune.

“Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.”

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