Saturday, October 06, 2007

Strange situations

What must it be like to be Al Gore at this moment in time? I believe he could become President of the United States merely by asking for it. I cannot think of any other time someone was in such a position. Hillary is leading both Obama and Edwards by a very comfortable margin. Even so, there are doubts about Hillary. Are citizens of the U.S. ready for a female President? I think they are but it is by no means certain. Now that she is so clearly the front-runner the attacks on her will intensify. Who knows what this might lead to? Many in the party see her as too much of a hawk, at a time when there is an almost overwhelming desire on the part of the country to end the "war" in Iraq and bring the troops home. Hillary has no intention of bringing the troops home although she may try to end the war and leave some troops there to safeguard our "interests" which means, of course, our interest in oil. It appears to me that the only thing that might keep her from the Presidency is Al Gore. Certainly none of the Republican candidates will keep her from it. If Guiliani is their choice, as it now appears, they might as well forget it. If he does become their candidate it will only be because the rest of them are so bad and he emerges as the best of a truly bad lot. If Gore wants it, I believe it is his for the asking. But what is his relationship to Hillary and Bill? That I do not know, nor do I know what would happen to whatever the relationship is should he deny the nomination to Hillary. But what a choice for Gore! To be President or not. The window of opportunity is starting to close. Perhaps we will know soon what he will choose. I don't envy him the choice.

I sincerely hope Gore will win the Nobel Prize which, I believe, will be announced fairly soon. But somewhere today I saw that Rush Limbaugh has also been nominated. Is this just someone's idea of a bad joke? How could anyone have suggested Limbaugh, and how could the committee agree to even consider him? Gore truly deserves a prize, Limbaugh deserves nothing but a kick in the ass, right on his boil or whatever it is that supposedly kept him out of the service. What a travesty! It only proves that insanity can creep into and infest high places.

"I'm not giving up. They will have to pry this vibrator out of my cold, dead hands."
Joanne Webb

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Bubblehead said...

I'm pretty sure George Washington was in the position where he could become President merely by asking for it.