Wednesday, October 17, 2007


George W. Bush and the Republican party are becoming so pathetic it is embarrassing. I had the misfortune to see part of Bush's Press Conference this morning and it was pathetic. It was so pathetic I am almost beginning to feel sorry for the guy. He apparently believes that he is still relevant although it is difficult to see why. Virtually no one believes anything he says and the more he talks the more pathetic he becomes. He is going to use his veto to prove that he is still relevant. Pathetic. If Iran is allowed to develop a bomb it will lead to WW III. Pathetic. He will veto children's health care because it's for poor children or might lead to socialized medicine. Pathetic. I wonder if he perceives himself to be as completely pathetic as he is. Does he really believe that with 76% of the population disapproving of him he still has some kind of credibility? On the one hand you might want to admire him for having the chutzpah to even appear in public. On the other hand you have to wonder if he is just too stupid to realize how absurd his attempts to lead really are at this point in time.

Larry Craig is another example of just how pathetic Republicans can be. In his much ballyhooed interview he claims he never uses the internet but in another context speaks of having googled something. He also serves on some committee that has to do with the internet. He does not present a convincing story. Pathetic. He also claims that he was merely picking a piece of toilet paper off his shoe when his hand somehow went under the partition. Where was his shoe at the time? And who bends over to pick up toilet paper in a public bathroom? Pathetic.

Republicans are roviating a 12 year old boy who had the temerity to say that health care had worked for him. His family is being slimed, lied about, threatened, and made miserable by these creeps, at least one of whom was in McConnel's office. Not content with roviating a 12 year old they are now focusing on a 2 year old, saying in effect she had no right to be born. Pathetic.

Bush's cabinet members and other of his supporters have either been forced to resign or have just resigned on their own, many of them. Pathetic. Republican Congressmen and Senators are retiring and choosing not to run for office again, many of them. Pathetic. The whole Republican edifice is simply imploding all around him but Bush still gets up in front of the Press and pretends he is President. Pathetic. He fans the flames of hysteria every time he mentions Iran. First, Iran doesn't have a bomb and claims they are not developing one. Even if they are the best estimate is that it will be several years before they could have one. And even if they did have one it would not be the beginning of WWIII. Iranians, unlike Bush, have some semblance of intelligence. They are not about to get themselves blown off the face of the earth. Bush claims they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, that is not what they said even though we somehow keep claiming that it is what they said. Now Russia is siding with Iran. Is that what Bush has in mind, a war with Iran and Russia? Give him another week and he'll have China joining them. If WWIII does come it will be as a direct result of Bush/Cheney's doing. Pathetic.
And it will be the U.S. and Israel vs the world.

You might think it would be impossible to outdo the Republicans in patheticness but it seems the Democrats are doing just that. Pathetic. Bush's poll numbers are now at 24%. That is more than twice that of Congress which is at a mere 11%. I don't know where you would find another country that would tolerate a government that had so lost the support of its citizens. Clowns like this would have been thrown out months if not years ago. If they had any decency whatsoever, or any interest in the good of the country, they would resign. Don't expect any decency or even patriotism on the part of our current "leaders." All they want is to stay in office, whatever the cost in lives or to the country. Pathetic.

Bush thinks that after ignoring the Palestianian/Israeli issue for six and a half years, and, indeed, actually making it worse than it was, he is at the last minute going to schedule a conference and work it all out. If that isn't pathetic I don't know pathetic. He seems to have the idea that having totally screwed everything up for six and a half years he is somehow going to go out in a blaze of glory. Pathetic. So why do we continue to put up with it? Because we are collectively PATHETIC!

"How does it become a man to behave toward this American government today? I answered that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it."
Henry David Thoreau

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