Friday, October 26, 2007

Stupid or insane or both?

She shot her eighth husband. Her boyfriend
buried him with a backhoe. His body was
found at the end of its tracks.

Bush has now embarked on unilateral sanctions against Iran. Unilateral because no one else in the world wants to go along with such a foolish and pointless idea. It is obvious that if Russia, China, Germany, and the rest of the world don't go along, sanctions are not likely to do anything other than exacerbate the hostility between the U.S., Iran, and the rest of the world. The Iranian response to the threat of unilateral sanctions seems to be amusement at the actions of a petulant child. Bush's new request for billions more for his "war" also contains several billions for bunker buster bombs with the stipulation these are urgent needs. As they aren't needed for Iraq or Afghanistan, many believe they are for Iran. So I ask you, is Bush stupid or insane or both? What is the point of sanctions when everyone knows they are not going to work? And what is the use of bunker buster bombs for Iran unless he is crazy enough to try to use them? Everyone knows that any U.S. attack on Iran is going to result in total chaos in the Middle East, drive the price of oil out of sight, and validate the status of the U.S. as the most evil of empires.
Are Bush/Cheney prepared for the consequences, or do they believe we'll be greeted as liberators and we'll be victorious in just a few days (as we were in Iraq).

Finally something to cheer about. Rumsfeld, foolish enough to visit France, was greeted there by a lawsuit accusing him of ordering torture. Similar lawsuits apparently await him in other countries as well. I guess he will just have to stay home (if he ever gets back). Viva la France! I wonder if there are similar suits awaiting Bush and Cheney. Hope so.

Bush is acting like a spoiled child because he can't get his way on absolutely everything he wants. Rice is under attack and getting more and more uncomfortable. Cheney, I guess, has gone hunting, I hope by himself this time. The White House Spokesperson says gobal warming will be good for people who suffer from the cold. FEMA held a press conference in which no reporters participated. Other FEMA members posed the softball questions that were answered by other FEMA members. Whee! It looks like Congress is going to cave once again and give Bush another 196 billion dollars. Like Everett Dirkson said, "a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking real money." Craig's lawyers are arguing that foot tapping and waving your hands under bathroom partitions are just examples of free speech. The insane asylum that America has become is now on display for all the world to see. So world - ENJOY!

"I didn't know the gun was loaded."


Bubblehead said...

So Britain and France are now "no one"? Like you, I think going to war with Iran would be the worst thing we could do right now; unlike you, I don't think we're going to, at least not until a Democrat is elected to the White House. As far as the "bunker-buster bombs" in the Defense request, please note that the mechanics of the defense procurement process means they won't be fitted to our bombers until probably 2009 at the earliest -- after President Bush has left office.

Eventually (maybe Jan 20, 2009) you'll see that all these alarmist websites you've been reading really weren't right about all the horrible things they keep saying the administration is "about" to do.

BBlumenauer said...

I agree with the sentiment about Iran. We are in no place to wage a ground war. I have to agree with bubblehead. I do not believe even Mr. Bush would do something like this. I do have to disagree with the above commenter, however, in that those same bunker buster bombs were tested in the desert just three days before the attacks on the mountains in Afghanistan. They flew in from Holloman in New Mexico to the range north of Mercury, Nevada and were deployed over seas in a matter of days, not months.

Bubblehead said...

Re: the "bunker busters", note that the funding request is for modifying B-2s to accept the bombs, not the bombs themselves. Designing and backfitting this alteration takes some time.

BBlumenauer said...

I digress, sir. I misunderstood the statement. I think that retrofitting the B-2's with bunker busters is a good idea for readiness regardless of threat level. But I still see no correlation between readiness and true buildup for a Persian war. So I think we agree on all points.