Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An act of treason

Mr. B became enraged when his host refused
him pickles. He returned later and assaulted
him - with two large pickles.

I have always believed that the outing of Valerie Plame was an act of treason, yet nothing was ever done about it. No one was ever held responsible for it even though it is known who was involved (Cheney, Bush, Libby, and Novak, at the very least). True, Libby was found guilty, but only of lying to a Grand Jury (and of course Bush quickly pardoned him before he might have told the truth). This is only one of the many crimes committed by Bush/Cheney who have yet to be held accountable for any of them. How is it that everyone seems to just continue to ignore this ignoble act of treason (along with all their other crimes)? Will they ever be held accountable, or will they just go into their retirements gloating over their more than merely devious record.

Kucinich has suggested that we should give some thought to Bush's mental condition. He is not the only one to have mentioned this possibility. I guess no one is taking it seriously. Why not? Unless, of course, you don't mind the possibility that a madman may lead us directly into WWIII. I read somewhere today that one of the reasons for not attacking Iran (at least so far) is the fear that some four senior Generals might resign. Did you ever think you would see the day when the only hope for avoiding war was apparently in the hands of the military? Don't worry, Bush will probably replace them and do what he wants anyway. If he can't get his way I guess he can continue to stomp the floor and slam doors.

Karen whats-her-face is resigning. You know who I mean, one of Bush's mama figures who has been with him for such a long time. The one whom Condi said gives really great sermons. The same one who has been charged with improving America's image around the world. I guess either she decided it was a lost cause or she thinks she had done such a great job she need not continue doing the Lord's work among the heathens. Will Georgie Boy continue to call her three or four times a day as he did when she quit for a while before? It must be pretty traumatic for him.

"Hey, Joe, we ain't here, we're ten miles from here."
Frenchy D.


Bubblehead said...

"Treason" requires intent to provide support to a specific foreign entity -- can you identify the country Plame's outing helped? Of course it was wrong, but I'm hard-pressed to agree it rises to the level of "treason".

Also, do you find it the least bit ironic that Congressman Kucinich questions President Bush's mental health the same day he admits having "seen" a UFO that reportedly was beaming thoughts into his brain?

Bill said...

"outing" would require that the operative or agent involved was classified.