Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is Mitt Romney stupid?

Is it just me or do other people think Romney might not have a full deck? I mean, he has said at least three things I know of that strike me as just plain stupid. First, his claim to have been a hunter all his life when it was a blatant lie. The only reason for that particular lie had to be to try to gather votes that he clearly would not have deserved. Second, he blurted out that we should double guantanamo. This was not a lie, merely a statement so stupid as to have been aborted before it was said. Again, the only motivation for such a weird statement had to be trying to gather votes from the other Republican lunatics. Third, he has just now announced that his five sons are contributing to the war effort by supporting him for President (because they think I would be a good President). Now it's bad enough that his five military age boys haven't served in the military (which, with an all volunteer military, is certainly their right), but to gratuitously claim they are contributing by campaigning for him is simply absurd (no, I mean stupid). I am ignoring the fact that he has been a genuine flip-flopper who claims that he has simply changed his mind. Of course he changed his mind - after he found out which way the wind was blowing. In short, I think he's an obvious liar and a not very bright one at that.

I am in Seattle again. I lived for several years in Seattle back in the 1950's and early 60's. I loved it then. I don't like it much now. It is far too crowded. There is too much traffic. It is expensive. The various powers that be must have met and decided to have a contest to see who could build the ugliest high-rise for the Seattle skyline. Seattlites have developed the strangest walking habits I have ever seen anywhere. There is no attempt to facilitate pedestrian traffic by walking on the right or even trying to help other pedestrians find their way. Seattlites just walk wherever they damn please. If you don't walk defensively you are fair game to be knocked down and run over. This is not helped nowadays by the fact that many of them are so intent on text-messaging or reading while walking they have no idea where they are going. I gather they have for years had a habit of spitting their gum on the sidewalks so that now there seems to be a hundred years of gum added to the concrete. I guess the things I do like are the fact that Seattle continues to be beautiful with greenery abounding everywhere and the people dress and look funny, thus giving the city the appearance of a kind of European cosmopolitanism. And of course there is great seafood and many fine restaraunts (if you can afford them). Back in "my day" Seattle still had a kind of small town flavor even though it wasn't really small and things were much more manageable (and affordable). Ah, the mythical "good old days."

"Strange object sighted in the sky. Said to be the sun."
Seattle headline when my mother attended the University of Washington (a long time ago).


Anonymous said...

Hahahaaaa...well let’s play this little game, shall we?

Based on fairness and equal time principle let’s both call you and Mr. Romney “Stupid” - Romney is a poltician and you (Ekafa) are a professor - let’s call both of you stupid, hence:

Mitt Romney is a STUPID Politician!

Morial Ekafa is a STUPID Professor!

I don’t know but in the end, for some very obvious reason, academic, titles or otherwise, you (Ekafa) are the REAL and ONLY STUPID one!

I must also admit that your stupidity starts with your name - stooopid name!

green libertarian said...

What a moronic comment.

Mitt's a shameless flipflopping self promoter.

Big surprise.

(Came here from HBO)

SnowDahlia said...

I lived in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was governor and it wasn't my impression that he was stupid. It was my impression, however, that he was craven and single-mindedly amibitious, and that he soon realized that Massachusetts wasn't going to give him the chance to experiment with the entrepenuerially oriented social policy that he likes. Massachusetts was never going to be a congenial place for him - not because it doesn't like innovation, because it clearly does (gay marriage, universal health care). But the state quickly turned on Romney, who got into the State House by swearing up and down that he was a social moderate, for lying. He was for abortion rights, he was for the rights of gays to officially couple. That's what he said. How quickly he's backtracked, now that something bigger is at stake. What a disappointment.