Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Roviating Fitzgerald

All of the sudden the MSM are bad-mouthing Patrick Fitzgerald. There appears to be no obvious motive for this. Fitzgerald has been very quiet for a long time but it appears that his investigation is still very much ongoing. So why this sudden negative attention by the press? Could it be that word has come down from on high? From that great strategist in the sky, Karl Rove? Could it be that Fitzgerald is getting too close to Cheney? There is no doubt that Cheney was the evil genie behind the outing of Plame. Libby would never have taken on such a task without Cheney's blessing if not directive. This is vintage Rove: attack, smear, slime, make up lies, try to destroy reputations in any way possible. Remember, the Libby trial is set for January. I guess you just can't start too soon roviating. Personally, I can't wait until January (if Fitzgerald can survive that long) now that he has been targeted by Rove and the filthy band of neocons who may someday, if justice exists, end up being tried for treason and multiple war crimes.

Condi Rice, apparently in an attempt to outdo Rumsfeld in basic idiocy, has now compared anti-war critics to people who were opposed to doing anything to stop slavery. This prompted the following from Evan Derkacz: ..."perhaps the most breathtakingly stupid remark ever uttered by a Bush administration official." Surely he is right. But Condi's remarks, along with Rumsfeld's, indicate genuine panic and true desperation. You might say, I guess, they are living lives of loud and obnoxious desperation.

I guess Bush gave another of his absurd speeches today. I never watch as the sound of his voice, coupled with a view of him, makes me physically sick. Besides, why watch or listen when you know he will just prattle on with one lie after another. Have Bush or Cheney ever told the truth about anything? I don't think so.

The Israelis have now trapped a million and some Palestinians in Gaza, which is little more than an outdoor prison. The Palestinians are suffering unbelievably. In the meanwhile Israeli planes and rockets kill a few more every day. As near as I can tell this is little more than genocide, sort of like shooting fish in a barrel. No one seems to care much, certainly not the Bush/Cheney administration who could put a stop to it. As Bush is on record of believing the Jews are going to hell, I guess he figures a few more war crimes won't matter.

Try not to panic, it appears that worse is still to come in the form of an October surprise. How much of a surprise will it be if we all expect it? Stay the course. The course that leads directly to impeachment and worse.

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