Wednesday, September 06, 2006


A well known British anthropologist, A.R. Radcliffe-Brown, once suggested that his critics were inhabiting "cloud-cuckoo-land." I have no idea where this might be, or even what it might be, but it does sound to me like it might be an apt description of the present location of Bush/Cheney and the neocons, to say nothing of the rest of the Republican party. Where to begin:

Florida. Katherine Harris has won her Republican primary, garnering a colossal 50% of the vote. Someone suggested she was running against two alligators and a dodo bird (or something like that). Even so, what does this tell you about Florida voters in her district? It suggests to me they don't read, are completely uninformed about what is happening, and just vote Republican no matter what. Harris has run a campaign that even the Keystone cops couldn't have devised, she has made statements so ridiculous that even small children would know better, and she has been abandoned by her own party who asked her not to run. Obviously this is a woman who doesn't take no for an answer. Anyway, better for us liberals as she almost certainly can't win against her Democratic opponent.

Bush gave another one of his hot air, sound and fury, signifying nothing speeches. I of course did not watch but I did see some excerpts. Among other things he confessed to transferring 14 important prisoners from secret CIA prisons to Guantanamo (I guess this must be the secret prisons Condi swore did not exist). Do you think they might have lied to us about this? No, Republicans never lie, they just say things that are blatantly untrue and expect us to believe them.

Bush also wants us to believe that a small minority of extremist fake Muslims (real Muslims would never do such things), with no nation, no army, no navy, no air force, no central command, and very few means, are a threat to establish an Islamofascist (utterly meaningless term) empire stretching all the way from Europe to Timbuktoo or beyond. He equates this threat with that of Hitler and the nazis (this is indeed somewhere in cloud-cuckoo-land).

Bush/Cheney are also doing their best to persuade Congress to rescind the war crimes act thus clearing them of any accountability for their obvious and known war crimes. I am not certain about this but I thought there was a law making it illegal to retroactively change a law to protect criminals. Not that this would matter to the Republican Congress which pays no attention to laws when they don't suit them.

Apparently is not merely Republicans who are inhabiting cloud-cuckoo-land. The Senate, by a vote of 70 to 30 rejected a law making it illegal to use cluster bombs on civilian areas. Some of these votes had to have been cast by Democrats (to their everlasting shame I would hope).

Rumsfeld, ah Rumsfeld. He must have so much dirt on Bush/Cheney they don't dare to fire him. Democrats today tried to get a vote of no confidence on Rummy, but of course it was doomed to fail from the beginning. Even so, it is putting pressure on our incompetent Secretary of Defense and the White House to do something - anything, I guess.

My new mantra is "Don't Panic." I suggest you repeat it ten times, five times a day, while facing east and holding a pork chop. You gotta have faith.

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