Saturday, September 30, 2006

Can it really get much worse?

Let's see: Bush has apparently gone completely delusional, still insisting that things are going well in Iraq and Afghanistan and that we are going to "win." No one else in the world believes this, including a host of retired generals and others. One general has even suggested that the way out of Iraq would be through impeachment. All 16 of out intelligence agencies agree that our presence in Iraq is making things worse and creating more and more terrorists. Bush claims they are naive.

Rumsfeld is now arguing that we can't know whether we are creating more terrorists or not because there is no way to count them. I suggest maybe we should weigh them. This is so pathetic a claim that it doesn't even deserve a comment.

Hastert, and others have apparently known for months that Foley was a pedophile targeting teenagers but did nothing about it, allowing him to continue serving on a committee devoted to protecting children.

A majority of Iraqis, as well as a majority of Americans want us out of Iraq. Bush says he will never withdraw even if only Laura and Barney (his dog) are the only ones to support him. Does this mean (1) he is just being stubborn, (2) he is just plain stupid, (3) he is insane, (4) he is being given orders by god (or Cheney), or (5) all of the above.

Bob Woodwrd's new book is about to come out, discussing Bush in denial and lying about the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will supposedly be an eye-opener. But remember, those of us who read already know this, and the vast majority of Americans don't read anything more difficult than cereal boxes and tv screens, so it probably won't even get to them. I doubt the Reader's Digest will even do an abridged edition. Nice try Bob, but you should have admitted it much sooner.

As both the House and Senate have passed a bill making torture legitimate and doing away with habeas corpus, to say nothing of retroactively absolving war criminals from their crimes and giving Bush dictatorial powers, this will surely be challenged in court. Thus this is an absolutely definitive moment in American history. Are we going to admit to the world that we have committed war crimes and now absolve those who are guilty of them, and are we going to give up habeas corpus (the most basic feature of our democracy which has served us well for 900 years), or are we going to maintain our basic democratic values? The House and Senate seem to have made it clear where they stand. Will the Supreme Court do the same? I assure you this is no minor matter. Do not panic and give in to irrationl fears. Keep your wits about you. AND VOTE DEMOCRATIC!

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