Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charlie Rangel

No morialekafa on monday night. I will be mourning for the death of sanity in our nation.

I have long admired Charlie Rangel as a Congressman not afraid to speak his mind, criticize when necessary, and pretty much defend a Democratic point of view. Thus I was very surprised when he criticized Hugo Chavez for speaking his mind. I guess what upset me the most was his remark to the effect that "no one can come in here and criticize my president" (or words to that effect). "My president?" Since when is Bush Charlie Rangel's president? Is this not like saying, "the president is a war criminal, but he's our war criminal?" I do not for a moment dispute Rangel's right to say what he wants, but why on earth would he try to defend the indefensible? Bush/Cheney are war criminals, period. There can be no argument here. They lied to attack a country that was not a threat to us, the most basic war crime possible. They have tortured, used illegal weapons, profiteered, indiscriminately killed innocent women and children (as well as innocent men), established illegal secret prisons, and denied even the most basic human rights to prisoners. All of this is well known. It is also well known that for years and years the U.S. has shamelessly exploited third world countries, taking their resources and giving virtually nothing in return. All of this is well documented. It is not a secret. Chavez merely told it like it truly is. So why would someone like Rangel defend it? It pains me deeply to see someone I have admired for so long turn out to have feet of clay (or whatever). I want to cry out, "tell me it ain't so, Charlie, tell me it ain't so).

I guess you must all be aware by now that our spy agencies, all 16 of them, have agreed that our presence in Iraq has increased the problem of terrorism. Bush's response to this is to assert (with no evidence, of course) that what was reported in the news was not the complete report (which is probbly even worse). His other response, which presumbly will come after the 2006 elections, is to order even more troops into Iraq (as he has no troops to spare will he try to instigate a draft?). And if he tries will anyone agree to it, other than the approximately 35% that would support him even if he was caught having sex with a goat on the White House steps (oh, it must just be a fertility ceremony of some kind).

I confess to being "at my wit's end." I simply cannot understand how our country can allow this terrible, unbelievable travesty pretending to be our "government" continue. I do not understand how Bush has the chutzpa to even appear in public. I do not understand how Cheney can be allowed to remain in office. I cannot understand how our Congressmen and Senators can continue to defend policies that are so blatantly illegal and unconstitutional. I guess it all just comes down to greed and the desire for power. Tell me again about "intelligent design."

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