Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Republican ghouls

The House Judiciary Committee voted to oppose Bush's attempt to change the
Geneva Convention. Then the White House intervened and made them vote again. So they rounded up the three members who had not been present at the first vote and, surprise, when they voted the second time, they voted 20 to 19 for Bush. In other words, to put this in the simplest language possible, they voted for TORTURE. And, as TORTURE is a war crime, the also voted to support WAR CRIMES. Can you believe this? In 2006 a majority of our elected Representatives on an important Committee voted to protect war criminals!!! I find this shocking beyond belief. And not only that, Frist and the White House have announced they want torture so badly they will filibuster any attempt to do away with it. They are obviously desperate to spare Bush/Cheney from the gallows. What on earth can these people be thinking? They adore Bush so much they are willing to go with him to prison? How can anyone in their right mind vote for torture when it is already defined as a war crime? How could they vote for torture even if it wasn't? The only word that comes easily to mind is DESPICABLE.

The Washington Blade (I think that is what it is called) has just fired Gannon/Guckert, their fake reporter. I guess he was fired because the new editor decided he had too much baggage. Who cares? The only think interesting about this for me is how is it that after all this time we still have no explanation as to why a known male prostitute was allowed to spend so much time in the White House, even when there was no Press Conference. Where did he go? Who allowed him in or out? Who did he see? What was he doing? Presumably he wasn't just wandering about randomly looking at portraits. Whoever convered this scandal up has to be very highly placed. I would still like to know what the hell this was all about.

roviate v. to smear, slime, malign, denigrate, and attempt to destroy an opponent through the use of innuendo, rumor, slander, outright lies and any other despicable means available. Roviation works more effectively when done in collusion with major media.

This was my original definition of roviate. I remind you of it here because this is part of the Republican strategy for the 2006 elections. They have set aside several millions of dollars to investigate Democrats for the purpose of being able to roviate them. This is what Republicans think of our political system. For them, this is the way it works. As they have nothing but a record of one abysmal failure after another I guess they have no other choice. Enough is enough. Vote Democratic.

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