Saturday, October 22, 2005

Waiting for what?

I have no real idea of what may happen next week. It does appear that Libby, at least, will probably go down. If he does, will he go quietly and take the blame for the Plame scandal, or will he spill the beans on others? It does seem pretty obvious that although Libby was very vocal about wanting to take down Wilson he must have had help. And there are many who probably helped: Miller, Rove, and perhaps even the vice president himself (this is probably true even if Fitzgerald decides he can't prove it). I have said all along that this scandal would ultimately lead to Cheney, and it has, even if it turns out it cannot be actually proven. This two year investigation could end with a whimper, but it could also prove to be the biggest thing since the invention of fire.

Condi "The Pathetic," continues mouthing the Bush line and threatening Syria, Iran, and, of course, the truth. Bush has called for an immediate U.N. meeting about Syria - anything to distract from the monumental failures of the Bush/Cheney administration. Could they possibly be stupid enough, or desperate enough, to start another war?

There are now rumors that Miers will withdraw her name from consideration for the Supreme Court. Actually, that's all there are at the moment about everything - rumors. Frankly, I can't wait for next week. Something has to happen. Either Fitzgerald will bring forth some indictments, or close up shop without them, or continue his investigation longer (if, that is, Bush doesn't fire him which apparently he could do although the fallout might be disastrous). In any case, something is going to happen. So stay tuned and hope for the best (justice might be served and war criminals might have to pay a price for their crimes). Don't bet on it.

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