Monday, October 17, 2005

The Flame Plame Blame Game Dame

Can you believe it? A veteran reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner, on the track of one of the biggest stories in the news for weeks, can't remember who leaked Plame's name to her. The name Valerie Flame occurs in her notes, the very notes she took when interviewing Libby, but she doesn't think he was the source of the leak. She apparently wants us to believe she accidentally encountered Libby at a rodeo a few miles from Cheney's Wyoming home. I gather he was dressed like a cowboy and she hardly recognized him. Folks, it just gets curioser and curiouser. It is now being said by some that she is still trying to protect Libby. That is probably true. But I'll bet she is really protecting Cheney. She went to jail she claims to protect her source but Libby gave her permission to speak freely a long time ago. She didn't until she got Fitzgerald to agree to let her restrict her testimony only to Libby. So she couldn't be questioned about any of her other sources - and I'll bet one of them was Cheney himself.I don't know what Fitzgerald is going to come out with, or if he will be able to prove it, but there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that there was a conspiracy involving Cheney, Rice, Libby, Rove, and others to bring about an illegal, immoral, unconstitional and unnecessary "war" with Iraq. And it appears they may be doing the same thing with Iran (heaven help us).

I don't know if you watched the Daily Show tonight. He showed clips of our troops being coached on what to say in their "spontaneous" interview with Bush. Bush comes across as the most pathetic creature you can imagine. It was actually revolting it was so bad. And McClellan, who was apparently "out of the loop" tried to defend it as not being rehearsed. How much longer are we supposed to put up with this crap?

There are rumors now that Bush may be back on the booze. What I want to know is how could anyone tell the difference? His speech and behavior have been so absurd ever since he was "chosen" that it would be difficult to conclude that he is much different now. Perhaps those close to him might be able to perceive the difference. As far as I am concerned he has always been so bizarre I have always just assumed he was borderline retarded. Of course now that I know Miers thinks he is the most brilliant man she has ever known I guess I may have to change my impression. If she gets confirmed I suggest you head for the hills as fast as possible, expecially if you are pregnant and don't want to be.

I keep seeing articles and interviews in which people are saying things like: if the constitution passes we can bring the troops home, or the Iraqi army is getting better so we'll be able to bring the troops home, or we should bring the troops home by the end of 2006, or bring the troops home, bring the troops home, etc., etc. Doesn't anyone understand the obvious? The Bush/Cheney administration has no intention of bringing the troops home (unless Iraq eventually has no more oil). We are building large permanent bases in Iraq. The purpose of this is to insure that the puppet government we are installing is not going to do anything we do not want them to do. This is precisely what we have done in other areas of the globe and there is no doubt this is the same strategy for Iraq. Sure, we might eventually bring some troops home, but our 51st state will remain firmly under out control. Except, of course, for the years of constant attacks that will occur just as in Israel. The Iraqis will never completely accept an American occupation of their country.

I pray to the Great Mystery that Fitzgerald will deliver us from this evil, or I would if I had a buffalo skull. Can you believe there are still people who support this totally incompetent buffoon?

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